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As lives go his was not particularly noteworthy. It involved no books, no inventions, no discoveries, no great feats of intellect. Much of it was spent in misery. It was brief as well, inhabiting this world for a scant 27 years. It was, however, most certainly not a normal life. At three years of age … Read more

A common and unsurprising headline this morning. Prosecutors Say Saddam’s Intelligence Agency Financed US Lawmakers’ Prewar Trip to Iraq Saddam Hussein’s intelligence agency secretly financed a trip to Iraq for three U.S. lawmakers during the run-up to the U.S.-led invasion, federal prosecutors said Wednesday. It of course shocks not at all that the three ‘lawmakers’—Jim … Read more

Traveling at random on the web can have side-effects. I do not mean carpal tunnel or bug-eyes, but occasional bouts of nostalgia and melancholy. These are not necessarily bad things, but reminders of times long ago and far away. They sneak up and surprise, and for a moment they control your heart and mind. It … Read more

I am a Catholic—full blooded, absolutely orthodox and ultramontane. (No, you look that word up.) I know about turning the other cheek. I have done it not nearly enough, of course, and have never liked it until later. Sometimes much later. I understand that the Carpenter was not kidding about doing it. He meant what … Read more

It’s official! Obama is no longer a liberal. No, this Great Man, this great unifier, has morphed into something far more substantive, something far more relevant, something far more modern: He has become a ‘progressive.’ Thus, freshly clothed and labeled, he will now march out and create an entirely new governing coalition for this Republic, one … Read more

Two thousand years ago in a far off province of the Roman Empire, a Carpenter was executed by the State. He had stirred up no small amount of trouble against the ruling local elite, Pharisees by name, and they had pressed upon the Roman governor to rid them of this meddlesome pest. It seems this … Read more

What are the odds of this fellow surviving more than a day or so after his baptism? Italy’s most prominent Muslim commentator is converting to Catholicism by being baptized by the pope at an Easter vigil, the Vatican announced Saturday. I welcome him to the world of Love, the world of Mercy and the world of soap. … Read more

How can one tell if a person hates a race? One certain way is to ask that person if he would like more of that race or less of that race—or perhaps none of that race. Imagine sticking a microphone in Hitler’s face and asking him about Jews. Do the same thing to Ahmadinejad. Or … Read more

Obama, his ‘pastor’ and all assorted race-baiters, race-hustlers and their gruesome acolytes absolutely have no desire that race vanishes as an issue from the American body politic. For these types make a good living picking at the racial scab of society. Imagine a Sharpton, a Jackson, a Jeremiah Wright living in a nation where the subject … Read more

I first met Weather up close and personal twenty-odd years ago. I was camped near the Mayan ruins of Seibol in Guatemala. Actually, ‘camped’ would not quite describe what I was up to. There was no tent and only the crudest of backpacks. Food was dried soup, coffee and Marlboros. I had with me a … Read more