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It happens to every man who gets joy from writing. Once in a while he will put pen to paper and nothing appears. He might scribble a few thoughts but nothing comes together or makes much sense. Writing becomes then a mere chore. If he makes his living by writing he must force the words … Read more

Every year about this time Oklahoma City schools embark upon an entire week of standardized testing. US History, Language Arts, Math and Science are the subjects. Regular classes are effectively shut down until these exams are completed. The students do not mind at all, as teachers give no homework during this time. Besides, they are … Read more

The Carpenter said that we would always have the poor with us. To insure this He allowed man to create Democrats. These folks love the poor so much they make more of them whenever and wherever they can. The Democrats have long been in love with socialism, a style of economics and attitudes superbly designed … Read more

Some academic types get themselves into a froth when a movie based upon history is not absolutely accurate. Thus they obsessed over Gladiator. They were in high dudgeon over Troy. They yelped over The Patriot. They were apoplectic over Apocalypto.  Memo to historians: Movies are made to generate revenue. They are not meant to be documentaries. … Read more

The pope journeys to this nation as Paul journeyed to the gentiles. For ours is becoming a pagan land, and America is a prime field for mission work. And there is much work to be done. Christians are commanded ‘to be in the world but not of it.’ This is not a suggestion. American Christians … Read more

I have written since 2003 about the necessity of war with Iran. There can be no peace in Iraq and no stability in the Middle East until the mullahs are dealt with—finally, completely and with extreme prejudice. The truth of the matter is that they have been at war with us for 30 years. We … Read more

It takes but a moment in this never ending political season to find idiocy coming from the mouths of politicians. They cannot help it, I suppose. Normally a careful lot well used to controlling all that we see and hear, at times their masks drop and we get a view of their interiors. They are … Read more

Something that has always amused me is the number of males who support Hillary. I used ‘males’ rather than ‘men,’ the simple reason being for this literary sleight of hand is that while all men are males the reverse is manifestly not true. One could as easily write that while Hillary is a female—most of … Read more

Scipio was an ancient Roman cognomen—what we call a ‘family name.’ It has a magnificent lineage, full of men of renown. America has nothing to compare to it. No nation does. You may here get a hint of this family as it went to war with Hannibal and Carthage in the 2nd and 3rd Punic … Read more