Scipio was an ancient Roman cognomen—what we call a ‘family name.’ It has a magnificent lineage, full of men of renown. America has nothing to compare to it. No nation does.

You may here get a hint of this family as it went to war with Hannibal and Carthage in the 2nd and 3rd Punic Wars.

The last moments show how the Romans dealt with their ancient enemy. It is instructive in demonstrating how to win a war. America once understood this. We won wars by taking the enemy’s capital and running up the American flag. Check and Mate—game over.

But then, Rome had a real senate. We have a only a flabby body of soft poseurs and questionable men. How much of this gutless flotsam will be remembered in twenty years? In ten? The Scipio clan is remembered 2200 years after the fall of Carthage.

Imagine taking the American Senate and dropping its members into the Roman Senate of 220 BC. They would likely be confused with some traveling troupe of male prostitutes before having swords shoved in their guts.