Democrats will say anything and pretend everything to cover up their position on the infanticide that is abortion. It is no surprise that they try this. They want political power, and their support of the killing of future Americans does not gain them votes.

True to Democrat form, the Obama is currently busy seeking what his supporters call ‘common ground’ on the killing fields of abortion.

He has the unique skills to try to lower the temperature and foster a sense of common ground, and try to figure out ways that people can agree.

Agree? May I ask what ‘common ground’ there can be on abortion? Between those who support it and those who do not there can be no compromise at all. Either abortion is evil or it is not. If it is evil then those who support it are evil as well. There can be no middle ground. To believe otherwise is to admit to moral confusion.

There have been 50,000,000 abortions since Roe. Between ‘abortion on demand’—the current state of affairs—and no abortions at all, should the moral man compromise on aborting only 25,000,000?

If abortion is not evil then it becomes exactly what its supporters claim it has always been, a mere ‘choice’. But then, we are left in a dilemma: What ‘choice’ can there be when the supreme court has forced Roe upon every state in the country? The fact is that without the force of government behind it abortion would almost vanish from the remaining Christian lands in our nation.

But this possibility is intolerable to pro-abortion folks. And here we are led into the theology of the thing. For evil, like cancer, must spread to survive, it must overtake the good and corrupt it as well. This is the real purpose of Roe, to pollute every part of our nation with the slaughterhouses of abortion mills.

The government itself has thus become a participant in the spread of evil.

It was just the same with slavery. No one today would dispute its evil, but millions in our nation once saw it as a positive good. These were not content with merely possessing slavery in their backyards. No, they had to insist that those who despised slavery were forced by the State to accept it, to participate in it. Thus was the manifestly evil Fugitive Slave Law written into the legal code of our Republic.

And true to form the supreme court in its Dred Scott ruling made slavery legal in every state of our nation. Dred Scott was the Roe of its day, forcing every American to participate in a tremendous evil. No ‘choice’ was permitted.

Obama himself can hardly hide his support for Roe.

Obama has never supported a single measure that would curtail access to abortion — even under controversial circumstances.

And so he will wriggle and squirm about, hoping by such sophistry to convince some who despise abortion to throw in with him. Those who do will then become willing participants in its evil. They will be paid its wages.

And what can we then say about Obama himself? I would remind him that an instant after his death he will be standing in front of the Creator of those 50,000,000. If the fool then trots out his arguments about some ‘common ground’ for abortion, I expect there will be surprises—for Obama and all like him.

Surprises, and the laughter of demons.