I have written since 2003 about the necessity of war with Iran. There can be no peace in Iraq and no stability in the Middle East until the mullahs are dealt with—finally, completely and with extreme prejudice.

The truth of the matter is that they have been at war with us for 30 years. We have done so very little against this foe, though it has diligently engaged itself on four continents with the murder of Americans whenever it could get at them. Every president since Carter has is some form or another disgraced himself and misused American arms when dealing with Iran.

It is time to end this absurd game. The bill is coming due and it demands full payment. Let us pay it out with interest.

I think the judgment is that Iran’s time has come. Most people should have seen this coming…I’m pretty certain Iran has…It knows full well it is about to be engaged.

The purpose of having a military is to deal with threats like Iran. If we do not use it for such let us then disband it.

Update: Need a reminder? Here it is.