The pope journeys to this nation as Paul journeyed to the gentiles. For ours is becoming a pagan land, and America is a prime field for mission work. And there is much work to be done.

Christians are commanded ‘to be in the world but not of it.’ This is not a suggestion. American Christians have become mesmerized by the useless baubles, bangles and beads of this world. They have for some time become indistinguishable from non-Christians. Levels of divorce, addictions to pornography, use of birth control, support of abortion, tolerance of sexual perversion—such are scarcely different between Christians and pagans here in what was once called ‘God’s Country’.

Christians have forgotten that they are not in any way to yoke themselves to the worldview of the pagans. How does one yoke the perverse to the normal? The blasphemous to the sacred? The clean to the unclean? Jerusalem to Babylon?

The pagan lands of America at their best scarcely rise above the trivial and the frivolous. At their worst they sink into absolute moral depravity and human degradation. They have sunk even farther than had Rome before Christ, for Rome had not yet heard of the Son of Man. After she knew Him she repented, and converted.

America has no such excuse. She has heard His Word and flees from it. Her avatars of culture, of government, of education, of media, of entertainment, are almost entirely pagan and anti-Christian in their outlook and behavior. They have long worked to convince that evil is good and good is evil, and have largely succeeded. The teachings of Christ are pushed aside, removed from public view, assaulted in front of millions, denied to our schoolchildren, ridiculed among our elite.

If Christ returned to walk among us He would again be crucified, no doubt to the self-satisfied acclaim of our movers and shakers.

Christians are not to be in any way dispirited, however. For they have been promised that the gates of Hell would not prevail against the Church of God. And the gates of Hell exactly describes what have opened upon our nation.

All of this is known by Benedict. He has much work to do. As much work as Paul had. Perhaps more.