The Carpenter said that we would always have the poor with us. To insure this He allowed man to create Democrats. These folks love the poor so much they make more of them whenever and wherever they can.

The Democrats have long been in love with socialism, a style of economics and attitudes superbly designed to create poverty. Socialism is a system which is really nothing more than forcing men into a reliance upon government—that is, government controlled by Democrats. You see, Democrats are the party of government. Their philosophies and programs all depend on a large and intrusive government.

The true socialist puts no stock in individuals or in religion. His real interest is devolving to the State as much power as he can.

This was a simple thing to do in ancient despotisms like Russia or China. There the people had no habits of self government and no concept of Natural Rights. It is a bit trickier to install socialism in the US—all that stuff about the Bill of Rights, natural law, federalism and so on. And it must be said that Christianity has no patience for socialist programs, as it relies upon God and not the State. Indeed, the State is seen more often than not as an enemy of Christianity. And since most Americans practiced some form of Christianity socialism would have a tough go.

The socialist first had to numb the people’s interest in their own history. He did this by seizing control of public education and the universities. The Founders and their documents were expunged in favor of recycling and transgender studies. This done, he could work on removing all public expressions of Christianity—no prayers in school, no Bibles on teachers’ desks, no Ten Commandments.

The socialist has been wildly successful. Christianity is regularly impugned and its doctrines rendered ineffectual. And the more people have become unhooked from their faith in God, the more easily they can be hooked into a faith in government. And that is what socialism is, a substitute faith, a replacement for Christianity. The Democrats of course know this and approve of it. They themselves have been at war with God for decades. One need only look at their views on homosexuality and abortion and compare them with those of the Carpenter.

The same is of course true of the Democrat candidates for president. One can safely and accurately say that no Democrat can run for president unless he be a God hater. If you get in a froth because those words you know neither the Democrats nor God.

The Democrats believe themselves to be close to winning the presidency this year. If they do they will effectively control all three branches of government. We can get a hint where they will take us if we look at their accomplishments since they took control of the legislative branch in 2006.


Gasoline up from $2.19 to $3.35 or 53%.

Unemployment up from 4.5% to 5% or 11.1%.

National debt per capita was $27,677 then and now $31,551 or 14% higher.

Congressional pay increase.


Consumer confidence at multiple year lows.

Equity value of mutual funds down $2.3 trillion.

Home equity values down $1.2 trillion.

Congress’s approval rating at all time low.

And that is only two years of Democrat work. Imagine an Obama or a Hillary—socialists both—with a veto proof legislature and four or eight years in the White House. Time enough for much mischief.

Those who vote Democrat in November are really voting for more Americans to be poor, and thus more willing to turn to government for succor. And the Democrats will be ready to receive them. That is the point.

That is the only point.

Update: We can expect more of this after November, alas.