Archives : Apr-2008

The touching phrase ‘Freedom of Choice’ means something. Here is what it means. Pope John Paul II called such ‘choice’ part of the Culture of Death. It is no secret that those who support such a thing also support embryonic cell research, the teaching of sodomy to our young, euthanasia and human cloning. These are … Read more

I have walked in Central and South American jungles for twenty five years. At first such a thing was a mere lark but then became a bit of an obsession. My first serious foray about scared the Hell out of me. Perhaps it would have been better if it had literally done that. I learned … Read more

It is not common that I begin the day with good news. As is my habit after awakening I head with coffee in hand to read for a few hours on the web. There are the usual dreary events—the deaths, the conflicts, the corruptions, the obscenities, the blasphemies, the perversions, the endless wars and rumors … Read more

One of the first movies my mother took me to was The Ten Commandments. Like everyone else then I was struck dumb when Moses parted the Red Sea. Moses was played by Charlton Heston, who died yesterday. He was 84. Heston was unusual for Hollywood. In a place where actors regularly change wives and girlfriends … Read more

As a boy I spent much time wandering in dreams. The land of fantasy seemed a whole lot more entertaining than the chaotic land outside my mind. There was more to do there too—all sorts of jungles to explore and mountains to climb and ancient civilizations to uncover. Such desires never left me. I never … Read more