I choose to live in Oklahoma. The simple reason is that here one can find just the sort of folks who built this nation, who love this nation and who join her military. Here there is no burning of the American flag, no Babylonian parades of sexual perverts, no absurd anti-American demonstrations. There are more churches than bars and one cannot swing a dead cat without hitting some Bible thumping preacher in the snout.

Not for nothing is Oklahoma called ‘the buckle of the Bible Belt.’

East Coast types and West Coast types call us rednecks, cowboys and gun nuts, which we take as compliments. We know that those folks along the coast have a hard time trying to figure out whether a man should marry a woman, another man or a cocker spaniel, and they are a bit confused about the proper use of the male lower bowel.

Such types of course would never—but never—visit us here in Oklahoma, which suits us just fine. We do not want them, we do not need them and we do not care what they think about anything under God’s blue sky.

As far as Oklahomans are concerned, those soft gutted degenerates who inhabit the coastal enclaves of America can sodomize and abort and transgender themselves into oblivion. It is a free country after all.

I hereby make a suggestion to all of you progressive sorts who for some odd reason have an interest in passing through Oklahoma. First, remember that not only are we in the Bible Belt but we are also a part of Tornado Alley.

Oklahoma produces more of the type of thunderstorms—called ‘supercells’—likely to generate tornados than any other state. If you have not been in a thunderstorm in Oklahoma you have not been in a thunderstorm.

These delightful meteorological incidents regularly give rise to these charming creatures.

Both were Oklahoma born and bred.

Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain,
And the wavin’ wheat can sure smell sweet
When the wind comes right behind the rain.

Yesterday we were reminded about when ‘the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain.’ You absolutely must see the videos. I recommend that all US coastal dwellers see them. You will make the proper conclusions.

Stick with Disney World. Schedule your adventure there during its ‘Gay Day‘ so you do not get homesick.

Update: The next time come coastal degenerate insults this nation, her military or her flag, play this video. The events happened in Texas, yet another state that knows what it means to love this country.