I wrote the following one year ago. It fits today, Memorial Day, a day to take stock of why America is as she is. It is because of her soldiers. What this nation and the world owe the American soldiers is incalculable. Their graves consecrate the ground of four continents.

Freedom has a price, and the only acceptable currency is blood.

(Picture courtesy of Dum Spiro Spero)

(Photo courtesy of Pat Dollard.)


One hears the men of WW II called ‘the Greatest Generation’ all the time. And perhaps they are. They certainly did their part for American civilization and filled it with honor and glory.

But take this another way. How different are they from the men with Old Hickory at New Orleans? With Washington at Yorktown? With Scott at Chapultepec? Short answer: They are no different. All of them are ‘the best of the best.’ Which is really to say that America has always been able to raise up legions of Achilles who then seek out our enemies and destroy them.

Our era is no different. Those who fight today in the ancient sands and mountains once crossed by Alexander are ‘the best of the best,’ the finest men and women this nation has ever produced.

You see it in their faces. You read it in their writing. You hear it in their words. You witness it in their actions. It is all there, an absolutely astounding heroism and courage and discipline. My God, where does it come from? More than any other society in History our nation produces such miracles in abundance time after time, again and again.

We need to be reminded that both Christ and the American military lay down their lives for others. And I thank the First that I am allowed to live among the second.

As long as America can produce men and women like these we will be a great people. When we can no longer find them among us we will go the way of Rome.