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There is scarcely anything more terrifying than having your fate decided by a ‘Public Guardian’. What is that, you ask? It is a fellow who is paid by the state to decide whether you live or die. Such a job description could be applied to the elders of ancient Sparta who inspected all newborns and … Read more

The Beautiful People really, really hate to get old. They see themselves as having the right to exist in a forever state of adolescence both physical and emotional. Great wealth provides them with the means to push back against the demands of age and responsibility. But biology is patient. It eventually overcomes all the wiles … Read more

Really, the headlines fairly scream the truth to those with eyes. It’s no secret that the homosexual community forms part of Barack Obama’s base, and a new Harris Interactive poll shows the presumptive Democratic nominee holding a 46-point lead over Republican John McCain among that group. What was that again about there being ‘not a … Read more

The business of finding an AIDS vaccine has fallen upon some hard times. Scientists will have to take “enormous intellectual leaps” to develop an AIDS vaccine in the coming years, say researchers clearly frustrated by the failure of a once-promising shot. We now can understand the frustrations of not only those habitués of laboratories—you know, … Read more

Really, the Obama ejaculations are getting way out of hand. Actually, they have been way out of hand for more than a year. We need not go into every single idiocy said about The Obama. It is enough to say that the admiration of this Chicago Messiah is not based upon Reason. Neither is it … Read more

It is a good thing I teach US History to 8th graders. It certainly helped me with this exam. I guessed on two questions. My results? You answered 60 out of 60 correctly — 100.00 % Average score for this quiz during July: 70.9% Average score since September 18, 2007: 70.9% You can take the … Read more

I have spent many a year in the wilds of Latin America, backpacking alone for days or weeks through jungles and Andes. Sometimes I would consult guidebooks for some basic information about the area I wanted to see. Such books are a bit scarce on the really difficult walks in Latin America. But backpacking books … Read more

Another day, another dollar and another insult from the Chicago Messiah. As is his habit, the gaseous little fop again showed his utter disdain of normal Americans, about whom he knows nothing. He condescended to lecture us on the joys of foreign languages, though he himself does not speak any. This is the liberal way, … Read more