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Hunter. Pro-life. Ultra-conservative. Christian. Big family. Good looking. Sarah Palin. My kind of girl. Update: Here is a back-to-back comparison between Palin’s experience and that of the black/white/Arab/messiah guy on the Democratic ticket. As anyone with eyes has known since that fellow emerged from the fetid swamps of Chicago politics, he is a nothing who … Read more

The first week of instructing adolescents in the finer attributes of civilized existence has entered history. Now Labor Day approaches, and after my last class I am heading to the woods around Lake of the Arbuckles for some camping. And wandering. And reading. Back on Sunday in time for afternoon Mass.

Democrats are so predictable. They spend most of their lives ignoring the Bible—you know, all those clear and consistent teachings on abortion, on sodomy, on instructing the young, on mendacity, on corruption, on adultery, on God and Caesar, on chastity. Then, in a mad whirligig of activity—always, always, at election time—they trot out dusty Bibles, … Read more

The Obama has chosen, and once again our Republic has been saved from the precipice. Bismarck said, “There is a Providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children and the United States of America.” By choosing a fellow senatorial parasite, the Obama showed that to be true. Biden is quite the arrogant and condescending jackass. See this … Read more

Any perusal of man’s 5600 years of history will quickly show that the most common form of government has been monarchy. One man rule seems to be the default position in every land and in every age. A fascination with democracy, republics and parliaments is a very recent thing. I am not even sure that … Read more

Some questions that vex me: Why did Obama cede control of his convention to the Clintons? All the explanations given by the Clinton camp and the Obama camp are absurd. Simply stated, Obama was strong-armed by the Clintons. They rolled him over with the greatest of ease. Which leads to: What do the Clintons have … Read more

Amusing it is to read of naifs who find it shocking—simply shocking!—that dictatorships act like, well, dictatorships. China cheated and lied in the Olympics because dictatorships cheat and lie. Russia brutally invaded another nation because dictatorships brutally invade other nations. Really, the surprise at all of this is embarrassing. Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

I left Oklahoma City on a 107-degree clear and sun-baked day. I arrived in Portland with the afternoon overcast and rain threatening. Typical. It rains here 180 days a year. When folks ask me why I left Portland to come to Oklahoma—with a 14 year detour in Central and South America—I tell them the rain. … Read more

This morning I head to Oregon for a week. Between beer, Thai food and generally hanging out with my brother and his family I probably will not have much time for writing, alas. The world will survive.

He looked like what he could have been, an Old Testament prophet. Those who today claim courage might first compare their lives with his, and then be silent. Reagan. John Paul II. Fallaci. Solzhenitsyn. All gone. Who is there to replace them? Truly, there were giants in the earth in those days. Update: From The … Read more