Some questions that vex me:

Why did Obama cede control of his convention to the Clintons?

All the explanations given by the Clinton camp and the Obama camp are absurd. Simply stated, Obama was strong-armed by the Clintons. They rolled him over with the greatest of ease. Which leads to:

What do the Clintons have on Obama?

Has it something to do with Obama’s claims of birthplace and citizenship? Which leads to:

Why did Obama spend ‘vacation’ time in Hawaii?

One might think that with his convention mere weeks away, Obama would be preparing himself, shoring up and reaching beyond his base and doing all those political things that political creatures do. But no, he takes off for the tropics. Odd, yes?

Did not suitable ‘vacation’ spots exist here in the continental US? Was there something in Hawaii that demanded his immediate and personal attention? Or was he simply told to ‘get out of Dodge’ for a while to allow the Clintons free reign?

As is the norm when the Clintons are involved, there are lies within lies within lies, all of them twisted and shadowy, as convoluted as the knot of Gordius.

Only the willfully blind do not know that Bill Clinton and his moll are superbly competent gangsters, with domestic connections reaching into the media, the Democrat Party and academia, and international connections reaching to China, Indonesia—where Obama went to school, please recall—and the Saudi Arabian Peninsula.

And no, I have no conclusions. But it does seem strange that Clinton has yet again forced another political opponent into the Lewinsky position.

And a bit off the topic—but perhaps not:

Why do so many here and abroad who hate the United States and Israel support Obama?

Something is happening off-stage, behind the scenes. As yet we can see little more than Maya’s Dance.

Update: Is it possible for a man to be more shallow, more gaseous, more foam-filled, than this?

Update: Yes, it seems that it is. It appears that the Obama is dyeing his hair gray to “look more distinguished.” Is there nothing at all substantial about this creature? Angelina Jolie would be a better candidate than this fop. At least she likes guns and babies. The Obama would ban the first and stick scissors into the second.

Update: I wonder where Obama can find those who are as empty as he and who would give him their support—and loads of dough? Oh…I found them!