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First question: What would your life be like if you ran it the way congress ran this nation? Second question: How does one teach responsibility to the young if those who rule this nation never suffer for their own irresponsibility? Third question: Why does congress continually reward the slothful with the tax money of the … Read more

Thoughts bounce all over the place and cannot long settle themselves. So be it. Let us call such mental wanderings an after effect of illness, medicines, the superb spaghetti sauce I made over the weekend and a nice Zinfandel that made everything seem new and shiny. So… Palin gives a speech in Florida and 60,000 … Read more

The bug that seized control of my lungs has gone down to defeat. As in all battles, there have been causalities. My 55 year old body feels as though it has gone a few rounds with Kimbo Slice. I need rest, exercise and food—and perhaps a nice Cabernet. I did not miss a day of … Read more

Alas, just when I was about to get caught up on my teacher stuff, I was laid low by a wandering virus. These creatures are common in enclosed environments inhabited by 300 squealing adolescents. The bug went right for my once nicotine-infested lungs. Saturday was a waste, Sunday almost the same. I even missed Mass. … Read more

Naturally when Obama goes down to a well-deserved defeat the liberals will yelp ‘racism!’ It matters not that any white candidate with exactly the same resume as Obama would never have made it to the convention. I have no idea how many of Obama supporters will vote for him simply because he is black. No … Read more

I don’t mind taking jabs at Democrats, except that it is so easy it loses its flavor after awhile. All is fair in war and politics, and Clausewitz did indeed write that “war is politics by other means.” But not every Democrat acts like a jackass every time. Once in a while one will pull … Read more

There are many things that are odd about Barack Obama, most of which will come out after November 5 and he returns to his expensive digs in Chicago. Then—and only then, when such investigations will not matter—will the media begin to sift through the details of Obama’s career and get to work. Really, the smarmy … Read more

By now you have heard the mendacious goo-goo from the king of mendacious goo-goo, Barack Obama. He now claims that he considered joining the US military in 1979. Odd, he never made such a claim in his two autobiographies. How many lies can you count in the 55 seconds? Next Obama will claim that his … Read more