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From the horse’s ass himself. For one brief shining moment the Democrats have actually told the truth. Who would have guessed? Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said Monday that he’s looking forward to one party controlling all aspects of government… Other examples of “one party controlling all aspects of government” are found throughout the … Read more

All men with eyes wide open are entirely cognizant that this election is being stolen. And it is being stolen in plain sight. Indeed, why should Obama and his noisome minions hide what they are doing? There is no one to call them upon it. From illegal voter registration to padded voter rolls to massive … Read more

Chicago boy Barack Obama desires to change this nation and the world. Perhaps he should start with his hometown of Chicago. Chicago Beats New York, Los Angeles In Murders Chicago is the Second City in nickname and the third in population, but when it comes to murder, the city has the dubious distinction of being … Read more

What Obama fears most upon this earth. What Obama fears most beyond this earth. When Stalin was told that the pope was against him, the old killer laughed and said, “How many legions does the pope have?” The pope responded through Stalin’s bootlick Molotov. “Tell your master he will meet my legions in Eternity.” It will … Read more

We have all heard the Democrat mantra that some white racist Christian kook conservative Republican might assassinate Obama if he wins. Well then, let us look at the type of folks who have assassinated presidents in years gone by to get an idea of the type of folks who might assassinate presidents in years to come. Here … Read more

It is usual in locales south of the Rio Grande that election time is a time for riots, political violence and general mayhem. In such nations you see an increase in police presence in the streets when citizens go to the polls. Some nations do not even allow the sale of alcohol 24 hours before voting … Read more

The phrase ‘banana republic’ was coined in the early 1900s to describe Central American nations. It was not meant as flattery. The grubby, corrupt, petty and absurd political and economic conditions of these countries was a source of laughter to Americans. No more. We have become a banana republic in all aspects but one—and that … Read more

Every worry that conservatives had about McCain has come to pass. Every hope possessed by early McCain supporters has vanished. We are left with what McCain is, what he was, what he has been for 20 years to those with eyes—a lover of big government, a slightly right of center compromiser, a man enamored with … Read more

The usual lot of mankind in 5600 years of History has been slavery. The vast majority of human beings were born, lived and died under a system of government scarcely different from your present day run-of-the-mill African despotism. The usual method of the governing elites has been cruelty, terror and theft; their usual pastime, war. … Read more