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You do not have to be particularly Christian, particularly conservative or particularly decent to be uncomfortable with abortion. I do not mean the sanitized version promoted by the media and Hollywood—you know, where it is a minor procedure no more complicated for all concerned than removing a wart. No, I mean the real deal where … Read more

Every bone, every tendon, every muscle screams for aspirin. Such are the rewards when a 55 year old man girds his loins, loads a backpack with a week’s worth of food and gear and traipses off for the wilds. The pain serves to remind—a good thing. My final day walking out of the frozen Ozarks … Read more

I have had it. Time to get the Hell out of Dodge. I am heartily sick and tired of seeing the visage of this grim and grinning jackal. He reminds me of another fellow of like mind, of like habits, of like dreams, of like delusions. I will go to a place where such creatures … Read more

Think me a tad over-the-top do you? Just a hair too Cassandra-like? That perhaps I should be standing upon a soapbox and yelling, “Repent, sinner! The end is nigh?” Well then, you will not at all relish what this fellow has to say. All that the nation’s founders understood two centuries ago about the imperative … Read more

This guy has way too much time on his hands. Or perhaps he is simply an idiot. Or perhaps he is perverted beyond our common understanding of the term. A Dutch biologist has extensively studied the reproductive techniques of deep-ocean squid. “Extensively?” The article goes into steamy detail about exactly how squids are made. You … Read more

By now we have seen the half naked jackal and read the obsequious swooning of the media in calf love. Poor Ted cannot compete. Sic transit gloria mundi, fatso. Scipio takes up the challenge of the grinning jackal. I am on a boat somewhere on the Amazon in 2002, Brazilian beer in hand. The photo … Read more

Whatever their other talents, the Democrats are expert at seizing power. Theirs is not the way of our Founders nor their methods laid out in hallowed constitutions. No, their playbook comes right from Lenin and his mentors Marx and Engels, with a touch of Capone tossed in. The Chicago messiah himself drank deeply of such … Read more

When government is out of control, restricted by no laws, afraid of no indictment and filled with men who are in love with themselves and the power they possess, you get this. This is your budget on drugs. This is your government on crack. Spend like there’s no tomorrow, because, well, there’s no tomorrow. Medicare’s … Read more

Pamela Geller over at Atlas Shrugs is in a state of rage. That seems to be her natural condition these days. I cannot really blame her, all things considered. Disgusting. The system is broken. The whole idea of America is but a frickin distant memory. What the hell happened to a government by the people, … Read more

The financial crisis had been a while in the making. We note the rather complex interdependence of not just markets but of banking and finance. The government spent money lavishly of course, as all governments enjoy doing. The government’s spending commitments exploded by 25 percent in 2008, putting taxpayers more than $1 trillion in the … Read more