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Obama worship is in full force. It is embarrassing to behold and entirely unbecoming for a Republic. It is, however, the default mode for dictatorships and tyrannies that have appeared across the globe and throughout history. Really and truly, there is nothing new here. We can expect more slavish adulation of the man from his … Read more

Since Roe in 1973, there have been 44,000,000 abortions in the United States. Though blacks make up 12 percent of this nation, they make up 34 percent of all abortions. Not this one, however. Yet this man is the most pro-abortion politician in the world. Why would he sanction the slaughter of his own race? … Read more

Vanity of vanities, all things are vanity! —Ecclesiastes If there is one truth of our earthly life, it is the utter worthlessness of worldly glory, power and fame. But do not believe me. Ask those who have had it. Their stories speak of woe and waste, of ashes and dust. The advice they give is … Read more

I hate boats. I hate talking about them. I hate hearing about them. I hate reading about them. I hate it when other people talk about them. I hate them only a little bit less than I hate monkeys. I agree with Dr. Johnson. Being on a boat is like being in prison, with a … Read more

Several lifetimes ago I lived in Portland. It calls itself a city but is really just a village that huddles around its downtown along the Willamette River. Its culture looks south to San Francisco and north to Seattle. It presents the usual tribal underclass of the pierced, the tattooed, the sexually degraded, and a steady … Read more

It amused me—if that is the right word—to see putative Christians bend the knee to Obama. Many of them penned long self-serving screeds explaining how their support for him would not go against their Christian principles. The more audacious among them even proclaimed that it was a Christian act to support Obama. There is much … Read more

I taught in Argentina for ten years. One of my students was the son of a Protestant preacher living across the street from me. One day the preacher asked me if I would like to join him in a small Bible study group. I agreed. As it turned out the others in the group changed … Read more

Here is my all time favorite description of me. Wow. Scipio reads like a hyper-religious Timothy McVeigh, I desperately wanted to find he was a spoof, but there’s too much consistent nuttiness there, he’s even got a “fact list” filled with absurdity and obscenity…He’s completely insane. Honestly, knowing there are people this deluded makes me … Read more

The Age of Obama promises many things. It promises that Obama will put on the mask of Herod and slaughter ever more children in the wombs of their mothers. It promises that Obama will put on the mask of Marx and work to subsume more of the factors of production into the soothing arms of … Read more

I seem to have attracted the attention of a horde of Obama zombies. The catalyst was a comment from Vanity Fair writer James Wolcott. I had never heard of him, but it is clear that he really, really does not like me. And neither do the folks who read him, wandered here and deposited their … Read more