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For those who have called my words somewhat harsh or ill-considered concerning Obama and his henchmen, read these of a Catholic priest. He is on quite a roll! Of course I agree on all essentials. Here is a taste. Abominations will be forced on us by the new government, such as which our founders never had … Read more

It amuses—if that is the right word—to hear folks say that government is a force for good. Any man who supports its growth in any form certainly believes this. George Washington just as certainly did not. Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and … Read more

One can argue back and forth whether or not the present US regime is Marxist in intent and thus hostile to liberty. The debate can inspire and illuminate, but it is only a debate. It is only words. The time for words is coming to an end. The time for action is upon us. Do you want … Read more

Here is the History of Man in one picture. It is all there—the Fall, Redemption and Salvation. This week in class a student mentioned that her dad’s business was suffering—fewer orders, fewer customers and a much reduced capital flow. She said that her father even had some harsh words about Obama’s economic policies. I was … Read more

Oh dear! Those dreadful Oscars are again upon us. Our Republic will again be presented with the embarrassing spectacle of the beautiful, the botoxed, the vain, the vacuous, the adulterous, the clinically addicted and the oddly clad as they parade before us in all the obscene grandeur they can possibly muster. But not everyone is … Read more

Just my luck. I had thought that most of the grimy and unpleasant folks who shambled over to Scipio after perusing the chic Manhattan pages of Vanity Fair were now gone. Alas, I fear that another round of them will get all fired up once again, go off their meds, load up their ‘F’ bombs … Read more

There is no point in arguing with the crazed and Godless—and pardon the redundancy. One might as well try to instruct a baboon in the niceties of Quantum Mechanics. A mind unhitched from God—from the Logos Himself, from which we get the term logic—is a mind abandoned to irrationality. It floats around, free from both … Read more

Everywhere one looks one sees the structure of the brave new world rushing upon us. This latest absurdity does not make a pleasant to read. It is yet more proof that no man learns from history, that the study of it has become of mere antiquarian interest. Long regarded in the US as a folly … Read more

I almost laugh—almost—when reading conservative complaints about Obama’s programs. Their grumbles center on statements such as this: “It is quite obvious Obama’s stimulus package will fail. All such massive government spending has failed. All it will lead to is inflation, higher taxes, higher unemployment, a ruined middle class, more government dependents and more and more … Read more

Consumed in political madness and economic instability, we tend to forget that beyond the woes of this world lay other worlds. One is the Supernatural, the world of God and His Kingdom. The other is the preternatural, the world of demons. Both have an interest in our world. Likewise we should have an interest in … Read more