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An archeologist, while rummaging among the ruins of our fallen civilization, met a ghost from the long dead race of Americans. The wraith boasted much about what we had been as a people. We died in the hundreds of thousands to end slavery here and around the world. We invented Jazz. We wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, … Read more

I marvel at how quickly this present regime is dismantling the heritage and traditions of this Republic. Nothing seems to hinder these fellows. Certainly not shame, for such a condition requires humility, which requires a conscience. Not a shred of that is to be seen in Washington. Neither are they hindered by laws. No, these once … Read more

It is a waste of time to give unsolicited advice to the Obama regime, though political types across the ideological spectrum do it all the time. They proffer helpful hints to the president about economics, history and governing, the assumption being that the Obama junta is misguided about these things, or poorly informed, or simply … Read more

Every bone, every muscle, every tendon and every fiber of my 55 year old body is sore—and it was worth it. Walking alone in God’s creation with pack and tent is how I relax, and I have been relaxing like that for 23 years. Twice in my life I took an entire year and did … Read more

Spring Break is here. This means that teachers from sea to shining sea have 9 days to indulge themselves in doing things far and away from hordes of squealing adolescents. Mere mortals have no idea what spending 50 hours every week seeing to the needs of 300 teenagers does to a normal man. Some teachers … Read more

Observing the effects of a virus as it works its way through the body can serve the concentrate the mind wonderfully. Today the bug has finally been vanquished after more than one week of warfare. There have been casualties and I am still stuck with the occasional cough. But I won—this time. Someday I will … Read more

An unpleasant virus has swept through the school where I teach. One-fifth of the students and not a few teachers were laid low. It strikes first at the lungs and then takes hold of the entire body. I succumbed, alas, but did not miss any school. I will drag myself to work today and then … Read more

We are soon to be graced with another damned movie that raises blasphemy to a high form of art. It is called Angels and Demons. It is the sequel to The Da Vinci Code. It promises to be as goofy and heretical as the first. I have neither read the books nor have any desire … Read more

To a normal person it might seem like I have spent a good portion of my adult life engaged in trying to end it. That was not my intent, of course. Most of my time since college has been spent living in or working in or backpacking in Latin America. When I was not doing … Read more

I hope Obama fails. I hope every part of his dreams ends up on the rubbish heap. I hope his every endeavor for this nation collapses into oblivion. I hope he is driven from office and never seen in public again. I want Obama and all like him to be pronounced anathema by all free … Read more