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Twice in my life I left home for one year and lived in tents and hammocks while walking the jungles and mountains of those lands south of the Rio Grande. Those years were the formative times of my life. I was one sort of man before them. I was one sort of man after them. … Read more

Writing of the ruling classes of Latin America dulls the senses in the same way that writing of the ruling classes of this nation dulls the senses. After a while one craves a rest from all the idiocy and sham. But not yet. It is an error to equate the rulers with the ruled in … Read more

Recently our hero Obama traveled south of the Rio Grande and listened to a number of tirades from a number of Latin American leaders. No doubt he responded to them as he responded to those 20 years of similar yelps from that Jeremiah Wright fellow. Really, there was nothing said by Daniel Ortega, the Castro … Read more

The US Civil War did not settle the issue of whether  primary sovereignty lies in the national government or in the states. The Civil War settled the issue of whether our nation would remain half slave and half free. The outstanding issues of states’ rights, primary sovereignty, federalism, secession and nullification have yet to be … Read more

Last night on some odd whim I loaded up the DVD player with The Exorcism of Emily Rose. It was fine viewing for a Sunday, the Sabbath, a day to be spent away from the usual demands of the world and one where thoughts are to tend toward Eternity. It was a good and scary … Read more

Today I am off with my 8th grade Academic Team for an all day competition at the state level. It was hard work with hours of practice and competing to make it this far. We have had to go against schools three and four times our size. And we are a slice of America—the kids … Read more

Big Brother in Washington has helpfully provided his subjects with a warning about enemies in our midst. It is clear that we are surrounded by a host of Emmanuel Goldsteins. We had best be ever vigilant with eyes wide open. As my patriotic duty to the beloved Washington Moloch, I provide some information about these … Read more