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The rise of Obama has seen an increase in the boldness of America’s enemies. Rather than any form of respect the Chicago gangster engenders disdain. Scarcely a day goes by that some pudgy killer in North Korea, a verifiably mad tyrant in Iran, a vulgar blow-hard in Venezuela and their grubby like across the globe … Read more

Antigua, Guatemala, 1984   Quechualla, Peru, 2003    Cachora, Peru, 2003   Chachapoyas, Peru, 1987   Comayagüela, Honduras, 1983    La Esperanca, Honduras, 2004   Flores, Guatemala, 2007   Gracias, Honduras, 2004   Gualaco, Honduras, 2004   Humahuaca, Argentina, 2003   Iruya, Argentina, 2003   Levanto, Peru, 2004   Ocalli, Peru, 2003   Palmar Norte, … Read more

Judge Sotomayor speaks out. I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life. Of course this is racist. And of course such a view finds a welcoming home in the Democrat Party. … Read more

So now the Norkos have both nukes and a delivery system that can send those nukes to Alaska and San Francisco. Give them another year and perhaps the entire US will become vulnerable. Our options are: Do nothing. Result: Problem continues. Use diplomacy—which is really a way to do nothing while pretending to do something. … Read more

Recently I was listening to a radio show on Catholic Answers. A self-styled feminist-type called in to complain about the Catholic Church’s ‘oppression of women.’ Her arguments were standard liberal boilerplate: the Church’s stand on abortion ‘oppresses women’; the Church’s stand on an all-male priesthood ‘oppresses women’; the Church’s stand on divorce ‘oppresses women’; the … Read more

Thinking about leaving home this summer and heading out far and away from the US? Indeed, what better way to avoid Obama than to head for foreign hills. True, Obama will still be squatting in Washington upon your return—barring Divine intervention—but any respite from that pagan narcissist would be refreshing and welcome. I spent the … Read more

From The Deceiver: Our Daily Struggle With Satan. We wonder what is the deep root of the acceptance of evil by many Christians of our time. At times they seem like an army retreating in disorder, having fallen prey to discouragement and becoming tacitly resigned to defeat. Evil seems to triumph and sing of victory. … Read more

I had an unpleasant experience a few days ago. I ran into an acquaintance, a woman I had known casually over the years. She was always charming, well educated, possessed a fine sense of humor and called herself a Christian. I did not doubt her—I had no reason to doubt her. We were talking about … Read more

I have been teaching for 17 years, and yet always I forget how much there is to do before students and teachers scatter thither and yon for summer. Now begins the final week of school. A short summary of things yet undone: grades, graduation, 8th grade activities, parent conferences, yearbook signing, book collection, supply lists, … Read more