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As always when one writes about Islam, commentary is lively. Sometimes however mere pictures are sufficient to describe a thing. Islam in particular can be described in such a way. True, any Muslim seeing these will howl with rage and demand that somebody be beheaded. Recall a few years back when Muslims did this very … Read more

As American troops pullback in Iraq, Islamic killers move in. Six days before U.S. combat forces are due to withdraw from major Iraqi cities, a bomb hidden under vegetables on a three-wheeled motorcycle killed at least 60 people and wounded 135 more in Sadr City, a densely populated Shiite Muslim slum in the Iraqi capital. … Read more

Think what you want of the bizarre creature that was Michael Jackson, but at least young boys around the world may sleep a little safer tonight. Jackson was a dangerous man and sick predator whose only mitigating excuse is that he was enabled by sick family and business associates and an even sicker mainstream press. … Read more

Well I’ll be damned! No…let me take that back. But I must say that, until I saw this preview, I had no idea that Christians were the equal of Klansmen, Nazis and crude rabble rousing haters. I know better now. So I guess that an appreciation and acceptance of homosexuality is really and truly the … Read more

I wonder about this thing called man. Flesh he is, but he is not only flesh. He is mind and spirit as well. He is in fact like God, a trinity. That was the plan from the beginning. Man was created imago dei, “in the image of God.” The world sees man as nothing but … Read more

The dirtiest man alive—well, he is not really a man, but stay with me here—just met his match, so to speak. Professional sodomite and gad about town socialite Perez Hilton got punched a few times in his pudgy, soft face. Here is the result. Usually a man getting punched in the face is no big … Read more

Please allow me to ruin your day. Read this essay by Peter Schiff. It is mercifully free of economic jargon. It is lengthy, so open a cold beer before you read it. By the end of it you will need another. Or perhaps switch to whiskey. I am not shilling for Schiff’s books, as I … Read more

Quin Hillyer does not like Barack Obama. He is in good company. Tens of millions of Americans do not like Barack Obama. The very kindest and most gentle thing I can say about Barack Obama is that I do not like him. I do not like him in the same way a cancer patient does … Read more

There is much hue and cry over the fact that ABC will now set up shop in the White House. I do not see a problem with this arrangement. It is just making formal something that has been obvious to those with eyes. Control of media is something all tyrants do. It is in their … Read more