The dirtiest man alive—well, he is not really a man, but stay with me here—just met his match, so to speak. Professional sodomite and gad about town socialite Perez Hilton got punched a few times in his pudgy, soft face. Here is the result.

Canada Perez Hilton Punched

Usually a man getting punched in the face is no big deal. In fact, any man who makes it beyond his teens without both getting punched in his face and punching another guy’s face lacks something. Violence is something every man must deal with on some level. It is a rite of passage, like kissing your first girl. I passed both of these exams at 12 with flying colors. His name was Bobby. I pounded his face and left him bloody. Her name was Millie Loveland. She was skinny and had blonde hair to her waist. At 55 I still like skinny girls with long hair.

Hilton being what he is, went all emo. He made his beating a big deal. He wept, sobbed and—being a thoroughly modern fop—twittered his horrible, simply horrible, experience.

I am bleeding. Please, I need to file a police report. No joke.

Jeez, the guy just got his butt kicked and he advertised it. What sort of “man” would do that? He did not even bother to try and punch the other guy, but just walked away and went all teary. Even a 12 year old girl would have more self respect than that. I guess spending your free time seeking out all those all those anonymous male buttocks does something to a fellow.

But it gets worse. I now present you with the piece de resistance to this essay. It is a look into the heart and soul of Hilton and all “men” like him. It is a perfect view of the girlish mentality that affixes to such males and their followers and fans. And —you just knew this was coming—have you any doubt—any at all—for whom those depravities, those wretched weaklings, those soft gutted cowards, voted in the last election?

See the video. The freak is absolutely unplugged. There is some language during the second part, but you will not have to get that far to get an idea of the perfect semi-man, metrosexual, “New Castrati” that so dominate our popular culture. When you view this, keep in mind that millions of his ilk walk the land—and they vote.

I hope the guy who punched Hilton washed his hands afterward.

Update: For a fine essay on real manhood and other things, see Eternity Road.

Update: I ran into this photo of the freak. Let us call it “Puss in Boots.”


Would somebody please get a rope?