Think what you will of the video below. It shows a collection of tyrants both petty and not. To a man they believe the following:

1. You are not competent to make decisions affecting your life and your nation.

2. They are competent at both.

3. It logically follows that you are to be ruled.

4. It also logically follows that any who resist therefore act irrationally.

5. The rulers thus have the necessity and duty to subdue by any means the irrational among them.

All of those tyrants in the video are merely the ones in the last 100 years or so. Yet history comprises 60 centuries. How many of such creatures have appeared in its grim pages? We note that tyranny has been the common lot of man; and that liberty has been a rare thing indeed, always purchased and maintained with blood. The proper way to express all of this is that men have almost always been mere slaves of the State. They have been in fact invisible to history. We know little about them save that they served those in power, and that their lives were made or taken by the whims of tyrants.

We also note that tyrants well understand the language of power. It is their native tongue, after all. Power is of two sorts: that which flows from Natural Law and that which flows from gun barrels. Tyrants have no use for the first, obviously. They cannot possibly acknowledge any authority greater than themselves. They are the State, and the State is omnicompetent. Thus there is no real limit to their power except death natural or otherwise. How many tyrants have peacefully resigned their office and surrendered their authority to the people?

As long as tyrants hold a monopoly on power, all they need fear is another tyrant. Stalin feared Hitler, not his own people. Give the people laboring under a tyrannical regime the means to seize power themselves, and tyrants tremble. The possession of guns in the hands of citizens can prevent the imposition of tyranny in any nation. Imagine if those 6,000,000 Jews had 6,000,000 guns. No Jew would have gone to the ovens.

It hardly needs to be said that every tyrant in the video is against the possession of guns by the citizenry. Indeed, opposition to guns is a main plank of the Democrat Party. Forget the reasons the Democrats give for their opposition to them. The one and only reason is that guns limit their power over you. Thus we have the sheer genius and brilliance of Madison and his 2nd Amendment. Long before Ted Kennedy—imagine if Mary Joe Kopechne had had a gun—and Barbara Boxer and Barack Obama, Madison had their number. He saw clearly the type of tyrant who would arise in America, and following Natural Law he provided the American people the final solution to its imposition.

It needs to be said again and again: An unarmed man is a subject; an armed man is a citizen. An armed man cannot be treated as cattle. An unarmed man can be enslaved, impoverished and murdered at the whim of the tyrant.

Our rulers fear the citizenry. And fear in the hearts of politicians is a good thing. Let them take our guns and they will no longer fear us, but will be able to render us to their will.

A man who votes those in office men would who enslave him is a slave himself. He should not therefore complain when he is treated as cattle.


Hat tips: Let’s Think About That and Gunslinger’s Journal