I wonder about this thing called man. Flesh he is, but he is not only flesh. He is mind and spirit as well. He is in fact like God, a trinity. That was the plan from the beginning. Man was created imago dei, “in the image of God.”

The world sees man as nothing but flesh. Man is an animal and subject to an animal’s brute cravings. He is in no way to be subject to any law that restricts his animal passions. That would be “unnatural.” When the flesh calls the man must obey. It is the “natural” thing to do. It matters not at all what form that call of the flesh might entail—adultery, sodomy, pornography, drugs, gluttony, fornication, pedophilia—a man true to his nature will follow it when it beckons him.

The world rewards such men who indulge their flesh as they will. Clinton practices adultery, and it makes him president. Barney Frank indulges in sodomy and pedophilia, and it places him in power over us. Hugh Hefner amasses great wealth, and the world seeks out his views. Entertainers snort mountains of white powder, and the world applauds their art and talents.

The God of Abraham and of Isaac knows what awaits a man who gives in to the flesh. It is Death itself. God would have a man rule over his flesh rather than have flesh rule over the man. For the flesh is a fearful master and a man enslaved to it becomes a literal monster. Is this a human being made in the image of God?


We can wonder what happened to a man who did this to himself. It seems like some insensate desire to wipe out all traces of God, as if the man were embarrassed by Him. I would not at all be surprised if the man above one day went about on all fours.

Governments see men in just this way, as nothing but chunks of flesh. They can be fed and housed and entertained, and thus made quiet and content. If a man becomes an annoyance he can be slain, either in his mother’s womb or at the end of his life. To the State, a man, being only flesh, is doomed to die anyway. What then does it matter what happens to him on this earth? After all it is the State that lives forever. All men must be made to acknowledge this fact.

God sees the matter differently. To Him it is the State that is doomed to die. What is history anyway than God’s plan for man carried out throughout time and space, and all around lie the detritus of hundreds of nations fallen down and vanished for all time? It is man who lives forever, and so his fate on earth and after has Eternal significance.

The State sees men as cattle. God sees men as having part of Himself in them. This is why we see every day the State and God opposed to each other. They are indeed enemies. The State tries to eliminate all evidence of its Rival. The State becomes in reality just as that man in the picture—ugly, deformed, perverted and twisted.

If the State had its way all men would become like this.


This then is the craving of the world, to place man on a level with animals so that he will sooner or later for all intents and purposes exist on all fours, his eyes always looking toward the earth. He can be better controlled that way than if he stood upright like Christ, his eyes always looking toward the Heavens.