Think what you want of the bizarre creature that was Michael Jackson, but at least young boys around the world may sleep a little safer tonight. Jackson was

a dangerous man and sick predator whose only mitigating excuse is that he was enabled by sick family and business associates and an even sicker mainstream press.

From the comments at the link:

When Farrah Fawcett died she was taken to heaven and then granted one wish– that the Earth would be a safer place for children.

It is, Farrah, it is.

Update: Do not read this after you eat.

Update: By now there are thousands of eulogies of Jackson. Don’t bother yourself with them. Read only this one. You will see what I mean.

Update: Very seldom have I read something as pitiful than this. Jackson had been dead for years. He just didn’t know it.

Update: Fom the Gunslinger.