This just in. The Democrat Party is

a criminal organization masquerading as a political party.

No! Why didn’t somebody tell me before?

Unless We The People choose the Oedipus route and then get on all fours to our betters, we must open our eyes and use them. When we do, we just might see through this dark glass. We just might see the Democrat Party as it is rather than what is hidden behind the dancing mists of Maya. Here is the Democrat Party as it was and as it is.

It is the party of slavery. We forget today—if we even knew at all—that the Civil War was not only between North and South but between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party’s support of slavery cost this nation 620,000 dead Americans—equivalent to 6,000,000 today. After its defeat the Democrat Party retained the basic rationale behind slavery and instituted all sorts of mechanisms to keep the black man in virtual chains. Segregation, the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow all sprang from the mind of the Democrat Party.

When the black man in the South began to show signs of liberating himself from Democrat Party control, another method was found to keep him down—the Great Society programs that ruined the black family and whose destruction continues to this day. The blacks of today are so beholden to the Democrat Party that they vote 90 percent for that party in national elections. They are in fact still in plantation bondage, and their Democrat Party masters in Washington are almost all white men.

The Democrat Party is the party of infanticide. Abortion on demand—abortion for any reason whatsoever up to and including the end of the 3rd trimester—is the official policy of the party. No Democrat can possibly achieve national office without supporting abortion. Since Roe more than 40,000,000 American children have been killed. Oddly, 14,000,000 of these have been black children. The blacks are so used to their chains of slavery that they care nothing if their white masters in Washington murder black children.

The Democrat Party is the party of sexual perversion. Wherever you find sodomites cavorting and engaging in anal sex in public, you will find Democrats. Whenever you find sodomites and lesbians going into public schools to teach our children the variety of techniques useful for the mastery of fisting and rimming, you will find Democrats. Imagine if they spent the same amount of time and resources teaching mathematics as they do teaching perversion.

The Democrat Party is the party of treason and an ally to tyrants. It brought us the defeat in Southeast Asia by its refusal to abide by our treaty with South Vietnam. The cost was millions of Asian dead. The Democrats resisted almost every initiative to defeat the USSR and supported anti-American movements around the world, especially in Latin America. The Democrats were rabid in their attempts to find defeat in Iraq. Powerful Democrats were engaged in slandering the US military and encouraging the arrest of Marines. Today we see it and its chief avatar Obama being generous to Chavez and the mullahs and the NorKos while exhibiting outright hostility to our allies, especially Israel.

The Democrat Party is the party of lawlessness. It is no secret that the most unruly and violent sections of our nation—Detroit, New Orleans and Chicago—have labored under party rule for generations. The Democrats have for so long supported the criminal over his victim that this has morphed into their natural response to crime. The Democrats look to the Constitution not as a guide but as a danger to their drive toward power. Obama himself rules around and behind the Constitution, appointing czars beholden only to him, seizing private enterprise, grabbing hold of banks and financial institutions, trying to grab absolute control of the health care system and working toward forcing the American economy through “cap and trade” to levels it had 40 years ago. Not one of these powers Obama has wielded can be found in the Constitution.

The Democrat Party is the party of national dissolution. It works to allow 20,000,000 illegals to magically become American citizens with prerogatives, rights and powers unavailable to the natural born. This will do to our Republic what the Goths did to Rome. Indeed, take one look at the places in our nation where illegals have become the majority and you will see the violence, poverty, trash and mass politics of those teeming Latin American capital cities. For all intents and purposes huge swaths of Los Angeles are nothing more than suburbs of Mexico City. Thanks to the Democrats who encourage illegal immigration, our shared American culture is being swept away in favor of the inferior political, economic and social culture of Guatemala City and Caracas.

The Democrat Party is the party of Christ hatred. God hates abortion and sodomy. The Democrats love them. God desires that His laws be taught throughout the public square. Democrats work feverishly to prevent this. In fact, woven through and through the fiber of the Democrats is hatred of Christian morals, charity and decency. If the Democrats came out tomorrow and publically embraced Satan himself, there would be no need at all for that party to alter in the slightest any element of its current policies.

One senses in the air the battle lines being drawn between two world views, the one supported by the Democrats and the other supported by their opposites—gun owners, Christians, conservatives, small government types, lovers of liberty and upholders of American values over foreign values. There can be no possibility of compromise, for the first world view cannot be victorious unless the second worldview is annihilated.

This of course and by necessity means war. Nether side will go down without a struggle—but one of them will go down. We may as well come out and admit it. What shape this war will take is as yet hidden.

Need I belabor the obvious and say that there will be blood?