Think of Obama and Washington as Gog and Magog, and this regime makes perfect sense. It is from first to last—from its addiction to the slaughter of children in the womb to its coy insinuations of euthanasia in its “health” bill—entirely evil.

Obama himself cannot at all speak the truth—he takes after his father, the Lord of the Flies—but Sarah Palin is not so immorally tongue-tied. She calls the program in the White House as it actually is, far and beyond the media spin and hype.

Such a system is downright evil.

There it is then. Plain speaking from Sarah Palin. We will be hearing more of such from her.

How many are saying such things? How about all of those watery and weak-in-the-knee “conservatives” who despise Sarah Palin so much? Where do they stand on Obama and his wretched statism? Most of them are perfectly willing to work with the creature, to go on all fours and beg table scraps.

Only Sarah is out there. No one else can hold a candle to her. It is well and good that the media and the Obama regime hate her so. It shows fear. They are bold beyond belief when seeking out infants to slay or old folks to terminate. But they quake in their jackboots when Sarah Palin stands up to them.

In this they do no more than ape their master, who fears her as well.

Palin Health Care