Art imitates life. Or rather, art imitates Hell.

In Ciudad Juarez, young women are vanishing

Amid the drug war’s bloodshed, the Mexican border city has been shaken by the disappearances of at least two dozen teenage girls and young women. Officials have few leads…The streets of Juarez are swallowing the young and pretty.

Nicely poetic, “swallowing the young and pretty.”

Juarez has long had a problem with “the young and pretty” simply vanishing into thin air.

Two dozen teenage girls and young women have gone missing in this violent border city in the last year and half, stirring dark memories of the killings of hundreds of women that made Ciudad Juarez infamous a decade ago.

“Hundreds of women”? Imagine the outrage and outcry if this happened in an American city. Things are different down Mexico way.

Need you guess what is doing all this “swallowing”? You know the answer already—the drug trade. Women are being taken from the streets of Juarez and forced into international prostitution and drugs. None has yet been seen again.

The disappearances, which include two university students and girls as young as 13, have some crime-novel touches: mysterious dropped calls, messages left by third parties and unsubstantiated reports of the women being kept at a house.

There is no clear evidence of wrongdoing or links among the cases, which have been overshadowed by a vicious drug war that has killed more than 2,500 people in Juarez since the beginning of 2008.

In little more than a year a city that borders our nation has had 2500 murders caused by the drug war. That level of killing rivals the killings in Bagdhad and Chicago.

These girls are just more casualties in this drug war. Mexican girls will continue to be taken into oblivion as long as Americans continue to demand drugs. It is really no more complicated than that.

A drug user is not just a fool. He is an accessory to murder—and should be treated as such.