It always amuses when the Godless gibber about Christianity. They have no idea what they are talking about, though this ignorance does not at all stop them. They naturally consider themselves refined, well-spoken and urbane, but they are in fact little more than apes in trousers. The Carpenter warned the faithful about such men 2000 years ago.

Here is a fine example of the type. His name is Ed Schultz, and he is a media maven and Obama supporter—and pardon the redundancy. With earnest mien and furrowed brow he asks the question, “What would Jesus do about universal health care?” Of course—but of course—Schultz claims that Jesus would be all for it. Observe the fool in action, and try to stomach it for the full 9 minutes.

One could say a great deal about Schultz and his thoughts on Christianity, but such an undertaking would be pointless. Believers would laugh at him. Non-believers would agree with him. So excepting a few things, let us leave it at that for now.

Schultz says that Obama is a Christian. No Christian would ever say such a thing of the man, though the Obama supporters claim this about him all the time. One wonders why they are so intent on making folks believe Obama follows the God of Abraham and Isaac. One wonders why the Godless really must insist that their hero is God-fearing. They must think that Christians are as easily duped as they are about Obama. Sorry to all you Obama boys out there, but we believers long ago took the measure of your little tin god and found him wanting— Mene mene tekel upharsin and all that.

Like all well-schooled and well-fed propagandists, Schultz trots out a couple of poodles to make his case about Christ supporting Obama’s health care package. These poodles he calls Christian pastors, and I have no doubt that they are indeed called that. But being called that and actually being that are quite different things. I have said before that no one who supports Obama can make any logical claim to Christianity. We can safely state that Obama is the most anti-Christian man ever to sit in the White House. Whether Schultz understands this or not is entirely irrelevant.

Schultz is himself a dupe, though he does not comprehend that. He is in fact in the pay of Moloch, and does his bidding. Obama is likewise, though he is a bit farther up the scale of Moloch worship than any mere fool like Schultz. No, Obama is the Real Deal. His worship of Moloch extends to the sacrifice of children and creating a tremendous, ubiquitous and omnipresent State in place of the worship of Christ. His every speech, his every program, his every desire, is to increase the size of his Moloch State and decrease the influence of the followers of Christ.

Men like Obama and his boot-lick Schultz are of course damned unless they repent, though the further along a man is in his sins the less likely he is to repent—or to even recognize the need for it. And to state the obvious of the obvious, Obama is very far along in his sins. He is on his way to Hell, which would be a private matter between him and God, except that as president he can bring millions with him into the abyss.

Perhaps the entire nation. Perhaps the entire world.