Disturbing in so many ways.


It was a painting of the Virgin Mary. The man stole it from a cathedral. The girl was 14. The man was 39. She was pregnant because he had repeatedly raped her.

Anything left out save for murder? Oh…it would have been murder had the abortion taken place. But it did not.

When Vallerillo-Sanchez took her to a doctor, it was determined an abortion would have been dangerous due to the stage of development of the baby.

Vallerillo-Sanchez was trying to get what is termed a “partial birth abortion” for the teenager in Mexico, a procedure favored and supported by Obama and his party. Vallerillo-Sanchez should have stayed in the US, where it is entirely legal.

And so this tale has a happy ending, sort of.

What a world.

Update: Another winning headline.

Reality TV actor found dead in motel

A reality show contestant wanted for murder in the gruesome death and mutilation of his ex-wife was found dead of an apparent suicide after hanging himself in a secluded motel, authorities said.

The “actor” no doubt had spent too much time watching CSI.

Fiore’s teeth had been pulled out and her fingers cut off, apparently to impede her identification. Investigators used the serial numbers on her breast implants to identify her, prosecutors said.

Breast implants have serial numbers, like guns? Perhaps they can be just as dangerous, though my own experience with them argues the contrary.

Which was the show and which was the reality? Perhaps even he forgot.

What a world, part two.