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Nations are not overthrown by spontaneous riots or “insurrections”. It took one hundred years (133 – 30 BC) for the ruling elites of the Roman Republic to finally go down to defeat and annihilation. These were a group of men who remarkably resembled our own greasy and corrupt ruling class in Washington DC.

I see no Sulla or Caesar on our horizon, which means that our “system” cannot fix itself. It will take some external disaster of immense proportions—a terrible military defeat could not be hidden, and it would suffice—to at last put “paid” to this pedophile, warmongering and bankrupt government that claims to rule over us. The depredations of the Athenian Empire—an empire that acted just like the American Empire acts today—were finally ended by its defeat in the Peloponnesian War (431 – 404 BC).

It was not pretty for the Athenians. It will not be pretty for us.

The Fate of All Elites

Our elites are positioning themselves as did the elites of France (1789), as did the elites of Cuba (1959) and as did the elites of Russia (1917), They thought of themselves as all-powerful, invincible even, but one day their power and status and wealth vanished overnight. Then off they went to the guillotine, to the camps, and to midnight rendezvous in forest graves.

The present American elites are the same type of men who killed Jack and Bobby. Such creatures are still in power in Washington. They attempt to control all that we see and hear. They do as they desire, murder whom they wish, ruin whom they please. They make war as easily as normal men make breakfast. There is no stopping them, for all who try end up destroyed. They answer to no one but themselves. They cannot be stopped because there is no mechanism to stop them.

They believe they will live forever. They have been misinformed.

Why the South Lost

The South lost because:

1. The strategic incompetence of Jefferson Davis and his inability to manage effectively the war and his administration.

2. The South fought an offensive war when a defensive war might have succeeded. The Southern mentality could never allow this, and so it decided unknowingly at the onset of the war to commit suicide.

3. The narrow-mindedness and strategic blindness of Robert E. Lee. He never understood the absolute importance of the West and so allowed Grant to sweep all before him and cut the Confederacy in two by 1863.

4. The low-quality generals appointed by Davis to defend the West. Losers every one.

5. The necessity of the South to achieve diplomatic recognition by either France or England.

6. The South’s reliance on a one-crop economy to fight a modern war.

7. Lee’s decision to invade the North (1862 and 1863) led to defeat and the near-destruction of his armies.

8. The South lacked generals who could operate on a strategic level. The North had Sherman, Grant, Sheridan and Thomas.

9. Sherman’s invasion of the South (1864 – 1865) absolutely destroyed its ability to defend itself and feed itself, and cut the South into 3 parts.

10. The brilliance and strategic understanding of Lincoln.

11. The Emancipation Proclamation (1863).

12. Lee’s insistence in the primacy of the Virginia theater of operations over the rest of the Confederacy. This forced him into a sanguinary war of attrition that the the South could not win.

Northern resources compared with Southern resources actually mattered very little. History is full of examples of smaller nations defeating vaster larger ones. The Northern blockade hardly made a difference until late 1863 when the South had already suffered tremendous defeats at Vicksburg and Gettysburg (1863). The South was extremely effective at “blockade running” and commerce raiding. The CSS Alabama was a special annoyance until its sinking in 1864. The war at sea really was just a side-show and had very little strategic importance.

After July 1863 it was obvious to all that the war was unwinnable by the South. But it still fought on until its extinction. Heroic, yes—but astoundingly stupid and suicidal.

Sofonisba Anguissola

Sofonisba Anguissola (1532 – 1625) was a Renaissance painter of renown. It is very cool that her family took Carthaginian names. Her father’s name, Amilcare, comes from the Carthaginian name Hamilcar, who was the father of Hannibal—yes, that Hannibal, elephants, the Alps and all. Her brother was named Asdrubale, from the Carthaginian Hasdrubal. a name that was as common in Carthage as Bill is in the US.

Incidentally, Hamilcar’s full name was Hamilcar Barca (275 – 228 BC), “barca” meaning lightning. The Barca family founded Barcelona (c. 230 BC) while it was engaged in conquering Spain. Wikipedia says that this is only a romantic tradition. But then, Wikipedia is not known for having an imagination.

Hannibal himself was at the Battle of Trebia (218 BC) where his army killed 20,000 Romans. Hannibal went on and fought the Romans again at the Battle of Trasimene (217 BC), killing another 15,000. The next year Hannibal again fought Rome at the Battle of Cannae (216 BC), a battle that is studied in every military institution on earth and has been for 2000 years. He killed 70,000 Romans at Cannae—in four hours. In other words, Hannibal killed in a little over one year 100,000 Roman legionaries in their own homeland of Italy. Compare that with the 10,000 Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in 20 years of war. Hannibal himself rests among the pantheon of Alexander, Caesar and Napoleon.

The name Sofonisba resonates with historians of the 2nd Punic War (218 – 201 BC). Sofonisba herself has a biography that can titillate even staid and boring historians of the ancient world. Of course it involves sex. Surprised?

The original Sofonisba was a daughter of the Carthaginian Hasdrubal—there’s that name again—Gisco (d. 202 BC). She was a beautiful and an extremely sexual creature like Catherine the Great and Cleopatra. She used her physical talents in service to Carthage. She was a femme fatale in the manner of Mata Hari. During the 2nd Punic War (218 – 201 BC) she tried to get the peoples of north Africa—the Numidians—to side with Carthage in her war with Rome. She succeeded by marrying a Numidian chieftain named Syphax (206 BC). After a great many political and sexual maneuvers Sofonisba took poison to avoid the humiliation of being sent to Rome after the defeat of Carthage by Scipio Africanus (201 BC).

For 700 years many powerful women in Carthage chose a dramatic suicide. Dido, the founder and queen of Carthage, burned herself to death (c. 800 BC). The last Carthaginian ruler was named—wait for it—Hasdrubal, and when he surrendered to the Romans (146 BC) his wife was so outraged that she grabbed their children and rushed into the flames of burning Carthage.

Sofonisba Anguissola wisely chose another path than that taken by her namesake—the better for her, the better for the world.

The JQ

A rational and public discussion of what is known as the “JQ”—the Jewish Question—is no longer possible in the US and has not been for half a century or more. It is said that to know who controls a nation you must know whom you cannot criticize. No public man can criticize sodomites, for example. Such a man will be subject to the “two minutes of hate” routine and cast into the void. As well, no public man can criticize the following:

1. Israel. All public men must solemnly swear to support Israel. DeSantis made his public obeisance a few weeks ago, and Trump spent his entire time in the White House doing so. The usual canards are trotted out, the most common being “Israel is our ally.” That statement would be surprising to those on board the USS Liberty.

2. The Holocaust. To merely bring up the issue is to ruin your reputation, your employment, to be called “a Holocaust denier” and be cast into the void. The subject is off-limits. So is any criticism of the Anti-Defamation League.

3. Jews. One must not for any reason mention the race of anyone who is Jewish. One must never mention the race of, for example: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the Sulzbergers, the Kagan Clan, Anthony Blinken, Victoria Nuland, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Bernie Madoff, the Lehman Brothers, Henry Kissinger, Chuck Schumer, Volodymyr Zelenskyy—and so on. To do so is to be labelled an “antisemite” and to be cast into the void.

Even to ask the question of why such things cannot and must not be criticized is to open yourself to slander, opprobrium and financial ruin. And I know perfectly well that merely by asking these questions I will be labeled an “antisemite”. And speaking of which…

 The Anti-Defamation League claims that “antisemitism is the oldest known virus to infest the human soul.” Wrong again. Pride is. Ask Nimrod.

4. To be an antisemite has come to mean “someone who dislikes Jews or dislikes Israel”. To even prefer the US over Israel is treated as almost treasonous. It is as I write morphing into “someone who is against the war in Ukraine”. This is because the president of Ukraine is Jewish, and the movers and shakers behind the war there are Jewish neo-cons: the Kagans, Bill Kristol and Victoria Nuland. These same neo-cons also supported America’s war in Iraq. Who benefitted by this war? Not the Americans. Not the Iraqis. Then who?

5. What we call “the Jews”—actually the Hebrews—only appeared after 2000 years of History had passed. Sumer (4000 – 2000 BC) had no knowledge of Jews, as they did not yet exist. Assyria (2025 – 609 BC) dealt harshly with the Jews, but the Assyrians dealt harshly with everyone. The Neo-Babylonians (626 – 539 BC) under Nebuchadnezzar II—he of Hanging Gardens fame—destroyed the last Jewish political entity of the Jews, Judah (587 BC), leaving only a remnant to survive in their homeland and carrying the rest to Babylon. Daniel was among them. Cyrus the Great of Persia (600 – 530 BC)—called an “Annointed One”, that is, a “Christ”, in the Old Testament—freed the Jews from this “Babylonian Captivity” and allowed them back into their homeland.

6. It was the Romans under Titus (r. 79 – 81) and Hadrian (r. 117 – 138) who so completely destroyed the Jewish presence in the Middle East that they had no political structure there until 1947 when Israel was re-founded. The Romans were never “antisemitic”. What they did to the Jews is what they did to countless other peoples. How did the Carthaginians fare? The Greeks? The Gauls? In fact, after Caesar’s assassination (44 BC) the Jews of Rome lamented his death, remained three days at the place of his funeral, and “intoned their ancient funeral chants”. If the Romans were “antisemitic”, that would have been news to the Roman Emperor Titus, whose lover, Berenice, was a Jewess.

7. When one speaks of “the Jews” it must be asked: “Which Jews?” Jesus referred to the ruling Jewish elite of his day—the Pharisees, equivalent to the “cosmopolitan Jews” of our time—as “whitewashed tombs”, “hypocrites”, “broods of scorpions” and “sons of the Devil”. See what happens if you speak of Jews today as Jesus spoke of their elite in His day. Good luck.

8. No historian I know of has really dealt with this question: “Why were the Jews after their two Diasporas during the Roman Empire expelled from every country in which they had settled?” Why indeed. The usual reason is that the Jews dressed funny and spoke a funny language. Yet such a fate has never come down upon any other people. Was there something in their character that caused other peoples to hate them? If so, what was it? If not, then please explain the causes.

9. Spain expelled her Jews in 1492. All historians I have ever read lamented this fact and claimed that it led to an almost suicidal economic and cultural crisis for Spain. But in the next breath these same historians praise Spain’s “Siglo de Oro”, her “Golden Century” (1492 – 1650), when Spain’s political, cultural and military power reached their zenith, creating the largest empire in History. This was the age of the Escorial, of El Greco, of Cervantes, of Lope de Vega, of Velázquez. Did the expulsion of the Jews allow for the Siglo de Oro? Did Ferdinand and Isabella know something about the Jews that we do not? Why in fact were they expelled? Am I “antisemitic” because I ask these questions?

10. Why is it “antisemitic” to boycott Israel, but not “anti-Cuban” to boycott Cuba?

11. It is uncontestable that Jews have become members of the financial, intellectual, governmental and artistic elite of America. Their numbers among our ruling class represent a percentage far surpassing the percentage of Jews in the nation. The Jewish elite in fact boasts about this. Does this mean that “Jews control the US”? If so, then is this a good thing or a bad thing? Or does it not matter at all?

13. “Antisemitic” has become, like “racist”, little more than slander against one’s opponent. To call a man “antisemitic” can mean you just don’t like him, though it can take on a more sinister meaning of “anti-American”, as if support for Israel is the sine qua non of being a true and loyal American. (This idea has spread to the Evangelical community, many members of which have adopted support for Israel and the Jews as part and parcel of true Christianity.) But the term is only used against public men, as it has no power in normal society—unlike “racist”, which does. Both terms are meant to shut people up. Both terms work as they are meant to.

14. Speaking of the Evangelicals: Most of them refer to their religion as “Judeo-Christianity”. There is of course no such religion except in their own minds and in the mind of Ben Shapiro. Judaism is a dead religion, as dead as Dillinger, and has been for 2400 years. If Judaism is right, then Christianity is wrong. Calling Christianity by the invented term “Judeo-Christianity” is like sewing a corpse onto a living man.

Oy vey!

American Maoists

Moscow considers itself “The Third Rome” after the 1st Rome fell to the Ostrogoths in 476 AD and the 2nd Rome—Constantinople—fell to the Turks in 1453. Thus, she believes she is the inheritor of God’s plan on earth, the true successor and recipient of Grace, Tradition, Morality, and Dogma. The Russian people believed this, every czar believed this, and Putin certainly believes this. He was merely enunciating the obvious realities of Reason and Revelation that have been around since Christ walked upon the earth. Putin’s speeches, in subtle ways, explain how the West has gone mad and thus has no business trying to enforce its madness upon the world.

Our ruling classes are not Bolsheviks, they are Maoists. Their forebears are neither Lenin nor Trotsky nor Stalin; but Mao, Pol Pot, Lin Biao, Kim Il-sung, and Jiang Qing. “Wokeism” is not a Bolshevik phenomenon. The Soviets could tell men from women after all. The USSR was interested far more in outward conformity than in internal ideological agreement. Maoists, however, desire to force an internal change in every man so that every thought is in complete alignment with the Party. Thus the “struggle sessions” at universities and corporations; thus the enlisting of children and students in ideological crusades proclaimed by the ruling elites; thus the elimination of the past; thus the destruction of the middle classes; thus the war against the family; thus the creation of mass hysteria; thus the war against all cultural norms; thus the show of public obeisance to the ruling ideology—kneeling and mask-wearing; thus the use of Antifa and BLM—American versions of Mao’s “Red Guards”. These are all hallmarks of pure Maoism.

It does not matter at all that our ruling classes understand nothing of most of America. It does not matter at all that they have never worked outside of government. It does not matter at all that they are ignorant of History, Philosophy, Literature, Music, and every other aspect of Western Civilization. What matters is that they mean what they say. Whatever they have to do to maintain power they will do. You can no more debate with these ferals than you would debate with a rabid animal or with a cyborg. They, being in every sense true Maoists, know what Mao meant when he wrote that “all power flows from the barrel of a gun.”

Learn that lesson well. Know your enemy. He will never stop. He will never surrender.

History Revised

Normal men are beset on all sides with interruptions, busyness, children, nagging wives, mortgages, multiple responsibilities, financial issues, and on and on. Their time is spent raising families and earning an income. By my own definition then, I am not a normal man. Far from it in fact. I spend my days bicycling thousands of miles with tent and stove, backpacking in Central America, and reading many a book. I even have the time to write short lessons in revisionist History—such as the following. Let’s call them “drive-by History”. Some of writings will certainly ruffle the feathers of many, something I am very good at — a lifetime of practice and all that. Too bad, so sad. So…

1. Hitler is everyone’s bête noire, the worst person in History, a monster of monsters, Satan himself. You get the idea. But—surprise, surprise—there is nothing about him or his actions that had not been done for 2000 years by the Germanic peoples.

Burning people to death, conquering Western Europe, slapping around the French, annoying the Russians, militarism, delusions of world conquest, invading Austria, chopping up Poland, and so on. Even the Holocaust was nothing more than what Protestant founder—and German—Martin Luther recommended be done to the Chosen 400 years before. His “On the Jews and Their Lies” (1543) has this charming nugget from chapter 11:

“What shall we Christians do with this rejected and condemned people, the Jews? Since they live among us, we dare not tolerate their conduct, now that we are aware of their lying and reviling and blaspheming. If we do, we become sharers in their lies, cursing and blasphemy. Thus we cannot extinguish the unquenchable fire of divine wrath, of which the prophets speak, nor can we convert the Jews. With prayer and the fear of God we must practice a sharp mercy to see whether we might save at least a few from the glowing flames. We dare not avenge ourselves. Vengeance a thousand times worse than we could wish them already has them by the throat. I shall give you my sincere advice:

First, to set fire to their synagogues or schools and to bury and cover with dirt whatever will not burn, so that no man will ever again see a stone or cinder of them. This is to be done in honor of our Lord and of Christendom, so that God might see that we are Christians, and do not condone or knowingly tolerate such public lying, cursing, and blaspheming of his Son and of his Christians.”

(Luther did not just hate Jews, he had an astoundingly filthy mouth—his favorite word was “shit”—he was overly concerned with feces—not always his own—and recommended that if a man sins, he must “sin boldly”. No thanks, Marty. I’ll pass.)

Hitler was neither unique nor a revolutionary; he was Germanic. Even his reputation as a mass murderer is wildly overblown. So who then takes that prize? It is Tamerlane (1336 – 1405). He killed 5 percent of the world’s population. Hitler only managed 2 percent, the piker. What a loser. Then why do people use him as the supreme—and only—example of a real bad boy? Take a guess. I know but I ain’t saying. Do your own homework.

2. Ian Smith lost Rhodesia because of sanctions placed on his nation by the US, England, and the UN. The same sort of Globalists who destroyed Rhodesia are using similar tactics to try and destroy Russia, China, and Iran—and anybody who does not agree to US hegemony. Think Athens before and during the Peloponnesian War (431 – 404 BC). Who won that war? Hint: it was the greatest land power of its age. Who is that today?

3. Chavez was a typical Latin American leader: a semi-literate blowhard. Nothing new here. Latin Americans since independence from Spain (1810 – 1824) have put in power an entire host of illiterates, mountebanks, buffoons, fools, jackasses, tyrants, and so on. It was even said about the much admired and ballyhooed Simón Bolívar that his favorite habits were dancing and masturbation. “Masturbating Dancers” fairly well sums up any History of Latin American leaders. Latin politics is the politics of the mass, not of the individual. The usual method of obtaining power is the coup, corrupt elections, and assassinations—rather like the US these days.

4. Pinochet was one of the very few Latins who actually did positive things for the nation. He tossed leftists out of helicopters, which was pretty cool. Say, I wonder how many of our own leftists would fit in a Chinook? Asking for a friend.

5. Franco in the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939) could have won that war in 6 months. He drew it out so that he could kill as many leftists as possible. He gave Spain 40 years of peace because those who would disturb it were dead. Putin is doing the same, dragging out the Ukraine War to lure in Russia’s NATO enemies, thus the easier to destroy them. There are now yet living 100,000 Americans and Europeans who will within the year find their end in the mud of Ukraine. Incidentally, Ukraine has been the “dancing floor of war” for 2500 years. It is the bloodiest piece of real estate on the planet. Those who were surprised and shocked by this latest unpleasantness are innocent of History.

6. The Germans began their assault on the Roman Empire in 105 BC. There was scarcely any Roman leader who did not make war upon these brutes. But by 476 AD the Germanic conquest of Europe and northern Africa was finished. The Western Empire was now controlled by a variety of Germanic tribes: Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Vandals, Franks, and so on. The later Lombards, Saxons, Angles, Burgundians, Vikings, and Normans were as well Germanic peoples.

7. The overthrow of Ceausescu was more of a golpe de pistola than a revolution. Every mmber of a ruling class—especially our own—should take heed over the fate of the Ceausescus. But they won’t. They think themselves untouchable. They aren’t.

8. True revolutions are rare. But then historians hardly agree on what a “true revolution” is. A comparative study of the French (1789) and Russian (1917) revolutions will be of little help, as most conclusions reached will be contradictory. But one thing seems clear: revolutions are usually a waste of time, of money, of energy and of blood. The elimination of one ruling class only ushers in another ruling class, usually more extractive than the former. Kill a Louis, get a Napoleon. Kill a Nicholas, get a Lenin. Kill a Batista, get a Castro. Kill a shah, get a Khomeini. Kill a Gracchus, get a Marius—and a Sulla and a Lucullus and a Pompey and a Caesar and an Antony and an Octavian. The silliest phrases in History are ¡Viva la revolución! and “Power to the people!” “Kill all commies!” makes much more sense.

9. The idea that depravity can destroy a nation is a relatively new one, though it appears in the Bible time and time again but seldom alone. It can be among a number of factors, but in and of itself is neither necessary nor sufficient. Those who claim otherwise never—but never—give any sort of schedule of the length of time needed for, say, wide-spread sodomy to destroy a people and their government. We have no idea how long Sodom and Gomorrah existed in their depravity before God put them out of business. Many claim that sexual degeneracy led to the fall of Weimar to the Nazis, forgetting that many in the Nazi ruling elite were sodomites themselves, Hitler included. Indeed, Frederick the Great (1712 – 1786) of Prussia—later Germany—a captain admired by Napoleon, was homosexual.

10. The “softness of men” is a historical fact seldom investigated by historians, but we see it all the time. This softness is not just physical but intellectual and moral. It is generally a result of warfare where the bravest and the brightest and the most daring get killed, leaving behind the timid and the weak and the merely clever to survive and multiply their kind—a dysgenic process seen throughout History. We see it most clearly in the effects of World War I upon Europe. This is the real reason Europeans are worthless and bovine today, easily led, easily cowed, and easily indoctrinated. Their best and brightest lay “in Flanders’ fields”.

11. The definitions of “traditionalists” and “reactionaries” change according to the diktats of those in power. I can be one; I can be the other; I can be both. Same with the word “extremist”.

12. Economic issues alone do not bring down ruling elites, because…

13. …these guys will use all matter of violence to maintain control. But this depends upon the will. If the elites have not the will to use violence, they will lose their heads—literally. Ask Louis XVI. Do our own elites in Washington have such a will? Nope. And after they are occupied with their desired world war, they will lose interest in a civil war. But we will not.

14. The “illegitimacy” of a ruling class does not bring down nations. Most dynasties in History were once illegitimate until they came to power. Had William the Conqueror lost at Hastings (1066) he would have been remembered—if at all—as William the Loser. There would have been no Norman rule over England. He who sits on the throne is legitimate. If you do not agree, then you will be dealt with. Disagree in public—and more and more in private—about the legitimacy of the Biden regime for example, and you will get a no-knock by a three-letter.

15. No ruling class has ever been overthrown by flowers, poets, or pundits. It was overthrown by violence, by “blood and iron”. Our own elites and the globalists completely understand this. Those 150,000,000 Americans with guns are the only thing standing between them and their dreams of global dominance. How to disarm these 150,000,000 is a tricky issue but must be done. This is why the coming global war will be violent in the extreme.

16. As for the vagaries of chance and luck: These are all “Black Swans”, unknown unknowns, X-factors. They cannot be planned for or even assumed. The Greeks called such things a deus ex machina; the Romans worshipped the god of Fortune.

17. It is well and good and healthy to no longer care much about day-to-day abuses and usurpations. As this point in the game of History and life worrying and caring about this, about that and about the other is an utter waste of time and energy. Don’t concern yourself about things beyond your control.

There is not one thing in my life that depends upon the whims, depredations and depravity of the ruling elites in Washington and Davos. No matter their thoughts and desires for the masses I will ride my bicycles, buy more guns, read what I please, write what I want and let my thoughts run wild. They can all go have sex with themselves—which they already do. Think Klaus Schwab and his well-sodomized catamite Yuval Harari. But don’t think about it for too long.

Carpe diem.

Bad China?

Is China our enemy? China could have done nothing without her well-paid American collaborators. Some of these were paid in cash. Some—like Eric Swalwell—came much cheaper and received their pay in 15 minutes of sexual pleasure. Quite the cheap date.

Our ruling, media and entertainment classes are made up of Quislings and running dogs. They are bereft of all honor, of all decency. They deserve the respect a normal man gives to a sewer rat.

It must be noted that the elites of the world have long ago abandoned God for the worldly pleasures offered by the Prince of the Air. To those who claim allegiance—either through word or thought or deed—to Soros or Schwab or China or Covidism or Climate Change, they are really claiming allegiance with Lucifer himself.

Things here in the USA are far too gone to rely upon a mere man or a nicely written piece of paper now 235 years old. Things will be settled as all such things are settled—with violence red in tooth and claw. The winner will decide the culture and political system of whatever remains of America. I will take fascism or a Sulla-type tyranny over the bizarre moral depravity and the creeping totalitarian dystopia we have today. Anything but that. Anything.

And if you have a taste for irony, this will prove yet again the words of the greatest killer and tyrant of all, Mao: “All power flows from the barrel of a gun.”

Not everything the Chinese say is wrong.

Free Speech?

1. “Freedom of speech is the foundation of any free society.” Really? Who says? We are looking at two things here: What is legal, and what society permits. If a man in 1950s America tried to read pornography in the classrooms of the day, teachers, parents and the community would have chased him down and beat him within an inch—and sometimes beyond that inch—of his life. And no court in the state would have convicted anyone. The man’s “free speech” might have been “legal”—as in “protected by the US Constitution—but society would not permit it.

2. And just what does “protected by the US Constitution” mean? It means that five old men get to decide what rights you have, how you have them and when you have them—the actual writing in that document be damned. If the US Supreme Court says that pornography is free speech, and “drag queen story hour” is free speech, and teaching anal sex to six year olds is free speech, then they are free speech. So please tell me again that “free speech is the foundation of and free society”. And if you object to such “free speech”, you will be hounded, arrested, jailed, your property seized, and your family impoverished. There’s your free speech in action.

3. But a man might bleat, “But Austin, the Founders believed in free speech!” No they did not. Would they have allowed “drag queen story hour”? And the first thing President Adams did after assuming office was to imprison those Americans who spoke freely about the policies of the US Government. See the “Alien and Sedition Acts” (1798). Lincoln agreed and put pro-Confederate Northerners in jail. Wilson agreed and passed the “Sedition Act” of 1918.

4. If some sexual degenerate demands that you bake a wedding cake for sodomites, and you refuse, guess what would happen? There’s your free speech in action. Pornography is free speech. Baking a cake is not.

5. If a man went up to John Wesley Hardin in the 1860s and called him a low-down rebel liar, Hardin would have killed him on the spot. That man might have had free speech, but he did not have the ability to avoid the consequences of that free speech. And no court in Texas would have even bothered to arrest Hardin.

6. Let it be said again and again and again: the only rights you have are those protected by a rifle. Your rifle.

7. Much is made of the fact that Biden’s “Satanic speech”—and it was Satanic—was done in the presence of US Marines. Much is made of how the US Army has become woke, sodomized and feminized. Much is made of the videos put out by members of the US military showing them dancing vulgarly and bumping and grinding. The inference here is that the military is now entirely corrupted and beholden to the demands and perversions of the Deep State. Translation: Conservatives can no longer depend upon the US Military to be on their side in the coming civil war. Is that true? We simply do not know. We will know when that war begins, not before. It is not at all unreasonable for a civil war to occur in the military as well: on ships, on bases, within units deployed overseas. Not one organ of the State will be immune to chaos and violence—no matter the propaganda saying otherwise. In the coming “spicy times” the US Government will be at war with itself.

8. Snowden should be an American hero. Naturally the Deep State calls him a traitor, which means he is not.

9. The most consequential leader today is Valdimir Putin. Your feelings about him matter not at all.

10. Feral negros run amok in blue cities because they are allowed to. No law, no policeman, and no prosecutor will touch them. If anyone tried to actually enforce the law, he would be the one tossed in jail. The negro is actually a “Super American”. He is above the law, his legal rights supersede those of any other race, and any blacks killed by the police become national heroes. Only White folks must obey the law. For now.

11. Much is made of those vandalized electrical substations. Lots and lots of folks have expended untold hours of cyber ink pontificating about them. Here are the facts: 1) Who did them? We don’t know. 2) Why were they done? We don’t know. 3) Why were those locations chosen? We don’t know. 4) Are they harbingers of more attacks? We don’t know. 5) What will be the immediate results of the attack? We don’t know. 6) What will be the far-reaching results of the attacks? We don’t know. But rest assured because the FBI is on the case. And I give my word that no 3-letter agency was behind any of those attacks. Scout’s Honor.

Dead as Dillinger

The Republic as laid down in the Constitution has been dying for 100 years. The last two years have confirmed its demise. It cannot be revived, as the intellectual, spiritual and physical elements to do so no longer exist in the quantities needed. John Adams wrote that “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” There are many words that can describe our ruling class, but “moral and religious” are not among them. There you have the real reason the Republic is as dead as Dillinger.

It is a complete waste of time to attempt to resurrect that dead document. You might as well attempt to resurrect King Tut.

We are in new worlds—one lawless, depraved and blood-crazed. What comes next no man can say. But I can state the following with absolute conviction: To remain free men an ocean of blood must flow. The demons currently ruling over us will never—as in, never, ever—give up power willingly. It must be pried from their cold, dead hands—or rather, their talons.

Our foes know perfectly well they are damned. Their goal is to ensure that you and yours follow them into Hell. The dammed, like misery, love company.