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Target Practice

Have you heard the news?

“World Economic Forum’s Davos Set for ‘Record Participation’ as 52 Heads of State to Attend Globalist Summit”

Well now, it seems that the movers and shakers behind every problem on earth will be in one place for a spell. Very convenient I would say. Very convenient indeed.

Imagine a world without these vermin, these wretches, these utter degenerates, these depraved psychopaths, these God-haters and fellators of Lucifer.

What a wonderful world it would be.

Drama Queens

At last the globalist, adulterous, corrupt, Ukraine loving and wholly bought and paid for Kevin McCarthy has been elected Speaker of the House. Good for him! What has not been discussed is why this greasy plutocrat would put himself through all the embarrassment and humiliation to achieve that position. Allow me to take a wild leap here and state that it was not for the people. The answer is easy and obvious: McCarthy will use it to propel himself into the White House. As Speaker he is now the third in line to the presidency. Moloch forbid if anything were to happen to Biden and Harris—natural or otherwise. And McCarthy is the perfect Republican anti-Trump. He can now celebrate with his well-fed roommate Frank Luntz. A romantic dinner between the two seems in order.

As for the Democrats: What remains of Biden’s mind—truth be told, there was never much there to begin with—has declined to the point where even constructing a simple sentence has become difficult in the extreme. No matter the drugs shoved into his body, no matter the pleas from his handlers, no matter what the voices in his earpiece tell him to say, he can in no way engage in open debate in preparation for another presidential run. He would make John Fetterman sound like Demosthenes. His senility is known to everyone on earth, even—especially—to little girls. So who will the Democrats run in 2024?

And we can forget Kamala. Not even a political party as demented and perverted as the Democrats would consider an absurd wretch like Harris. She could have a fine career at OnlyFans after being gently—or not so gently—pushed out of the vice-presidency. It looks like Michelle “Big Mike” Obama will be the last man standing—literally.

So we can look forward to another dog and pony show which is what American elections really are. It matters not at all who squats in the White House. McCarthy or Obama—or for that matter, Hillary. What, Me worry? No politician of either party will do a thing about our borders, about inflation, about energy independence, about our decrepit cities, about crime—no matter their promises and no matter the wishes of those suckers who voted them into office. But Ukraine will get billions—until the moment when Russia stomps out that annoying little carbuncle and makes a lampshade out of that gasbag parasite Zelenskyy. Globalists will weep bitter tears, but no one else will except the bank accounts of Romney, Pelosi, Kerry and Biden.

But what about the elephant in the room, ex-president Trump? No chance whatsoever. Something dreadful has happened to him. Somebody has something on him. Somebody has threatened him and his family. Take a guess. In the past few weeks he has bowed down to sodomites, to Israel, to globalists and to abortionists. Trump has morphed into a clone of Kevin McCarthy, whom he has supported from the beginning, and for whom he fought like Hell. And as yet another January 6th has passed, Trump mentioned nothing about those still held in prison for the heinous crime of supporting him. Not one damn word.

Thanks Donald. Ashli Babbitt says hello.


Nations are not overthrown by spontaneous riots or “insurrections”. It took one hundred years (133 – 30 BC) for the ruling elites of the Roman Republic to finally go down to defeat and annihilation. These were a group of men who remarkably resembled our own greasy and corrupt ruling class in Washington DC.

I see no Sulla or Caesar on our horizon, which means that our “system” cannot fix itself. It will take some external disaster of immense proportions—a terrible military defeat could not be hidden, and it would suffice—to at last put “paid” to this pedophile, warmongering and bankrupt government that claims to rule over us. The depredations of the Athenian Empire—an empire that acted just like the American Empire acts today—were finally ended by its defeat in the Peloponnesian War (431 – 404 BC).

It was not pretty for the Athenians. It will not be pretty for us.

The Fate of All Elites

Our elites are positioning themselves as did the elites of France (1789), as did the elites of Cuba (1959) and as did the elites of Russia (1917), They thought of themselves as all-powerful, invincible even, but one day their power and status and wealth vanished overnight. Then off they went to the guillotine, to the camps, and to midnight rendezvous in forest graves.

The present American elites are the same type of men who killed Jack and Bobby. Such creatures are still in power in Washington. They attempt to control all that we see and hear. They do as they desire, murder whom they wish, ruin whom they please. They make war as easily as normal men make breakfast. There is no stopping them, for all who try end up destroyed. They answer to no one but themselves. They cannot be stopped because there is no mechanism to stop them.

They believe they will live forever. They have been misinformed.

Short Takes

In 1914, the following happened: There is a political crisis in Serbia; Western Europe issues an ultimatum; Serbia calls up her military; Russia vows to support Serbia.

These same things occurred two days ago. Truly, there is nothing new under the sun. Or as Bismarck said, “One day the great European War will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans.” I would add, “again”.


Kwanzaa is a completely confected “holiday” celebrated by a few white fools among the elite—such as Biden and his tablecloth-wearing wife. Fake holiday. Fake president. Fake government. Fake elections. Fake men. Fake women. Fake pandemic. Fake vaccines. Fake Constitution. Fake law. Fake Congress. Fake media. Fake justice. Fake elite.

“What is truth?”, asked Pilate. What indeed. Don’t look for it on the Potomac.

Why the South Lost

The South lost because:

1. The strategic incompetence of Jefferson Davis and his inability to manage effectively the war and his administration.

2. The South fought an offensive war when a defensive war might have succeeded. The Southern mentality could never allow this, and so it decided unknowingly at the onset of the war to commit suicide.

3. The narrow-mindedness and strategic blindness of Robert E. Lee. He never understood the absolute importance of the West and so allowed Grant to sweep all before him and cut the Confederacy in two by 1863.

4. The low-quality generals appointed by Davis to defend the West. Losers every one.

5. The necessity of the South to achieve diplomatic recognition by either France or England.

6. The South’s reliance on a one-crop economy to fight a modern war.

7. Lee’s decision to invade the North (1862 and 1863) led to defeat and the near-destruction of his armies.

8. The South lacked generals who could operate on a strategic level. The North had Sherman, Grant, Sheridan and Thomas.

9. Sherman’s invasion of the South (1864 – 1865) absolutely destroyed its ability to defend itself and feed itself, and cut the South into 3 parts.

10. The brilliance and strategic understanding of Lincoln.

11. The Emancipation Proclamation (1863).

12. Lee’s insistence in the primacy of the Virginia theater of operations over the rest of the Confederacy. This forced him into a sanguinary war of attrition that the the South could not win.

Northern resources compared with Southern resources actually mattered very little. History is full of examples of smaller nations defeating vaster larger ones. The Northern blockade hardly made a difference until late 1863 when the South had already suffered tremendous defeats at Vicksburg and Gettysburg (1863). The South was extremely effective at “blockade running” and commerce raiding. The CSS Alabama was a special annoyance until its sinking in 1864. The war at sea really was just a side-show and had very little strategic importance.

After July 1863 it was obvious to all that the war was unwinnable by the South. But it still fought on until its extinction. Heroic, yes—but astoundingly stupid and suicidal.

China and Western Culture

The Chinese have no understanding of Western Civilization, and they are in no way a part of it. Their attempts to ape it are robotic and soulless. They cannot create anything that reimagines or carries on its traditions and culture. As I have written countless times, this is why there is no Hobbes, no Socrates and no Jefferson in all of 5000 years of Chinese history. There are though plenty of slaves, billions of them save for an infinitesimally small sliver of a ruling elite. These fine Mandarins have always treated the vast majority of their own people as cattle, mere helots to be moved around and slaughtered at the whim of the ruling class. Witness how Xi and his fellow Politburo members have locked down and continue to lock down vast swathes of Chinese, treating them like the slaves they are and have always been. After 5000 years, these barbarians have not learned a damn thing, rather like the Bourbons of old.

For a Chinaman to attempt to copy an artifact of Western Civilization is like a camel attaching a fake elephant trunk to his head. Should I take a huge leap and claim that the camel is still a camel? The Chinaman can only mimic a cultural creation he can neither understand nor appreciate, rather like a parrot singing an aria.

The Chinese should stick with what they are past masters of: mass murder, genocide and kicking to death babies in the streets.

The JQ

A rational and public discussion of what is known as the “JQ”—the Jewish Question—is no longer possible in the US and has not been for half a century or more. It is said that to know who controls a nation you must know whom you cannot criticize. No public man can criticize sodomites, for example. Such a man will be subject to the “two minutes of hate” routine and cast into the void. As well, no public man can criticize the following:

1. Israel. All public men must solemnly swear to support Israel. DeSantis made his public obeisance a few weeks ago, and Trump spent his entire time in the White House doing so. The usual canards are trotted out, the most common being “Israel is our ally.” That statement would be surprising to those on board the USS Liberty.

2. The Holocaust. To merely bring up the issue is to ruin your reputation, your employment, to be called “a Holocaust denier” and be cast into the void. The subject is off-limits. So is any criticism of the Anti-Defamation League.

3. Jews. One must not for any reason mention the race of anyone who is Jewish. One must never mention the race of, for example: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the Sulzbergers, the Kagan Clan, Anthony Blinken, Victoria Nuland, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Bernie Madoff, the Lehman Brothers, Henry Kissinger, Chuck Schumer, Volodymyr Zelenskyy—and so on. To do so is to be labelled an “antisemite” and to be cast into the void.

Even to ask the question of why such things cannot and must not be criticized is to open yourself to slander, opprobrium and financial ruin. And I know perfectly well that merely by asking these questions I will be labeled an “antisemite”. And speaking of which…

 The Anti-Defamation League claims that “antisemitism is the oldest known virus to infest the human soul.” Wrong again. Pride is. Ask Nimrod.

4. To be an antisemite has come to mean “someone who dislikes Jews or dislikes Israel”. To even prefer the US over Israel is treated as almost treasonous. It is as I write morphing into “someone who is against the war in Ukraine”. This is because the president of Ukraine is Jewish, and the movers and shakers behind the war there are Jewish neo-cons: the Kagans, Bill Kristol and Victoria Nuland. These same neo-cons also supported America’s war in Iraq. Who benefitted by this war? Not the Americans. Not the Iraqis. Then who?

5. What we call “the Jews”—actually the Hebrews—only appeared after 2000 years of History had passed. Sumer (4000 – 2000 BC) had no knowledge of Jews, as they did not yet exist. Assyria (2025 – 609 BC) dealt harshly with the Jews, but the Assyrians dealt harshly with everyone. The Neo-Babylonians (626 – 539 BC) under Nebuchadnezzar II—he of Hanging Gardens fame—destroyed the last Jewish political entity of the Jews, Judah (587 BC), leaving only a remnant to survive in their homeland and carrying the rest to Babylon. Daniel was among them. Cyrus the Great of Persia (600 – 530 BC)—called an “Annointed One”, that is, a “Christ”, in the Old Testament—freed the Jews from this “Babylonian Captivity” and allowed them back into their homeland.

6. It was the Romans under Titus (r. 79 – 81) and Hadrian (r. 117 – 138) who so completely destroyed the Jewish presence in the Middle East that they had no political structure there until 1947 when Israel was re-founded. The Romans were never “antisemitic”. What they did to the Jews is what they did to countless other peoples. How did the Carthaginians fare? The Greeks? The Gauls? In fact, after Caesar’s assassination (44 BC) the Jews of Rome lamented his death, remained three days at the place of his funeral, and “intoned their ancient funeral chants”. If the Romans were “antisemitic”, that would have been news to the Roman Emperor Titus, whose lover, Berenice, was a Jewess.

7. When one speaks of “the Jews” it must be asked: “Which Jews?” Jesus referred to the ruling Jewish elite of his day—the Pharisees, equivalent to the “cosmopolitan Jews” of our time—as “whitewashed tombs”, “hypocrites”, “broods of scorpions” and “sons of the Devil”. See what happens if you speak of Jews today as Jesus spoke of their elite in His day. Good luck.

8. No historian I know of has really dealt with this question: “Why were the Jews after their two Diasporas during the Roman Empire expelled from every country in which they had settled?” Why indeed. The usual reason is that the Jews dressed funny and spoke a funny language. Yet such a fate has never come down upon any other people. Was there something in their character that caused other peoples to hate them? If so, what was it? If not, then please explain the causes.

9. Spain expelled her Jews in 1492. All historians I have ever read lamented this fact and claimed that it led to an almost suicidal economic and cultural crisis for Spain. But in the next breath these same historians praise Spain’s “Siglo de Oro”, her “Golden Century” (1492 – 1650), when Spain’s political, cultural and military power reached their zenith, creating the largest empire in History. This was the age of the Escorial, of El Greco, of Cervantes, of Lope de Vega, of Velázquez. Did the expulsion of the Jews allow for the Siglo de Oro? Did Ferdinand and Isabella know something about the Jews that we do not? Why in fact were they expelled? Am I “antisemitic” because I ask these questions?

10. Why is it “antisemitic” to boycott Israel, but not “anti-Cuban” to boycott Cuba?

11. It is uncontestable that Jews have become members of the financial, intellectual, governmental and artistic elite of America. Their numbers among our ruling class represent a percentage far surpassing the percentage of Jews in the nation. The Jewish elite in fact boasts about this. Does this mean that “Jews control the US”? If so, then is this a good thing or a bad thing? Or does it not matter at all?

13. “Antisemitic” has become, like “racist”, little more than slander against one’s opponent. To call a man “antisemitic” can mean you just don’t like him, though it can take on a more sinister meaning of “anti-American”, as if support for Israel is the sine qua non of being a true and loyal American. (This idea has spread to the Evangelical community, many members of which have adopted support for Israel and the Jews as part and parcel of true Christianity.) But the term is only used against public men, as it has no power in normal society—unlike “racist”, which does. Both terms are meant to shut people up. Both terms work as they are meant to.

14. Speaking of the Evangelicals: Most of them refer to their religion as “Judeo-Christianity”. There is of course no such religion except in their own minds and in the mind of Ben Shapiro. Judaism is a dead religion, as dead as Dillinger, and has been for 2400 years. If Judaism is right, then Christianity is wrong. Calling Christianity by the invented term “Judeo-Christianity” is like sewing a corpse onto a living man.

Oy vey!

Damn Putin! Damn Russia! Damn Whatever!

It seems the geniuses who run the European Union are working on—wait for it—yet another “sanctions package”. This one will be number nine. But hey! Let the EU pass another nine, then another nine. How have they worked? The ruble is one of the strangest currencies on earth the Russian economy has never been better, and ninety percent of the Russian people support Putin. And how has the EU fared? Insane energy costs, scare food supplies, ruined economies—you get the idea.

So now these fine folks want to ban everything Russian. You know, guys like Chekhov, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninov and Balanchine. Burn their books and choreographs and operas and concertos! That’ll show Putin! And just what does the West have to counter finest composers, pianists, dancers and short story writers ever to be found? Taylor Swift?

In all of History it would be hard to find a ruling elite more incompetent, more isolated, more foolish, more degenerate, than those who sit in those fancy chairs in Brussels—except for similar imbeciles in Washington DC.

Lord Hear Me

There is nothing in 6000 years of History that can possibly compare to the antics and deviltry of the regime in Washington DC. It is unique and truly extraordinary. Christians have often wondered how a nation completely under the control of Lucifer would act. They now have their answer.

The Nazis could tell men from women. The Soviets never castrated their boys. Mussolini never forced children to observe “drag queens”. No “pup handler” ever made it into the North Korean hierarchy. Mao never permitted sodomites to control his military. No Mongol under Genghis was allowed to cross-dress. The Assyrians put to death those who had abortions. Tamerlane did not wave a flag celebrating sodomy. Ivan the Terrible did not run a pedophile ring.

We are in new worlds. Compared to the Biden regime, those nations mentioned above were positively tame in their depravity, their violence, their wretchedness. Biden and his acolytes laugh as they daily spit into the face of God.

I never want to hear one more damn word about the evils of the Holocaust or the Holodomor or the Cultural Revolution or of Aztec sacrifice or of Mussolini’s trains or of Vlad’s impalements. Train your eyes toward the Potomac, and there gaze upon evils never before practiced. Not just practiced but celebrated. Not just celebrated but encouraged. Not just encouraged but demanded. Not just demanded but forced upon the entire world.

Lord hear me: God damn this government. Is there no Joshua among us?