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San Francisco is a piece of work. It began in 1776 as a Spanish fort followed by a mission dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi. San Francisco began to earn its reputation as an ‘anything goes’ sort of place after gold was discovered in California. Every sort of riff-raff from around the globe poured into … Read more

The headlines give the story away. A hike into horror and an act of courage I have read countless articles that began as this one did. I knew what was coming. The usual plot goes like this: Some nice folks are wandering in the wilderness. The day is pleasant with chirping birds, sunny skies and … Read more

I am sick as a pup. Lungs again, blast them! Why can’t they do as they are supposed to do and allow proper breathing? Is it a conspiracy, an assault by the body upon the spirit? If so then it is rebellion pure and simple. Stupid lungs! If their revolt is successful then they themselves … Read more

There is much-ado about much-ado at work and play these days. Busy and busier I am and will be so until late Sunday afternoon. No time for thoughtful essays outlining my latest method to save mankind—or at least the American part of it. So I will only be able to indulge myself in Short Takes. … Read more

Writing daily—or almost daily—is an affair of the heart. Who would do it if that were not so? It is also a responsibility. Once a blogger develops a readership—no matter how small—he owes his readers his time. The big time bloggers simply cannot do this, of course. They get hundreds of thousands of hits a … Read more

Much ink has been spilled about the end of civilization since Gibbon wrote his Decline and Fall. Christians fret and write about the End Times, environmentalists fret and write about global warming, statesmen fret and write about the end of the world as we know it. Many a bright fellow today frets and writes that our present times resemble … Read more