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Today I am off with my 8th grade Academic Team for an all day competition at the state level. It was hard work with hours of practice and competing to make it this far. We have had to go against schools three and four times our size. And we are a slice of America—the kids … Read more

Tomorrow I am back to teaching after the Thanksgiving break. But lest none think I was simply sitting around eating, drinking and making merry, I also took an exam. You answered 33 out of 33 correctly — 100.00 % Average score for this quiz during November: 77.8% Average score: 77.8% It was the second time … Read more

As usual every morning when I am not in my tent somewhere upon God’s green earth, I sat down at my desk, coffee in hand, and went to my blog. That is, I tried to go to the blog. After displaying the page, Internet Explorer 7 said, INTERNET EXPLORER COULD NOT OPEN HTTP://THERETURNOFSCIPIO.COM. OPERATION ABORTED. … Read more

All the data have transferred here from the old site by the boys at Oregon Web Team. All that needs to be done is to access my domain through an HTML editor—I use FrontPage 2003—so I can change this ancient WordPress theme and add some plugins.  It pained not being able to write for a few days. … Read more

The WordPress update to 2.2.2 went perfectly. So there will be a few changes in the next few weeks. You have been warned. They will be changes for the good. More writing, I hope. More techie and bloggy stuff. Wee.

Today is the day I will finally get WordPress updated. All the software and plugins should be ready by 5 PM Portland time. There are many new, new things I want to do with my blog that I could not do until I updated everything. There is more: Since I began my teaching career 15 … Read more

Posts will be a bit thin around here for a bit. The reason is that I am planning a major upgrade to the level of sophistication to my blog. Things like RSS feeds, tags, technorati,, digg, sphere and so on. Never heard of them? Fear not, for they are strangers to me as well. … Read more

Yahoo responded to my request to automatically upgrade WordPress version 2.0.2 to the latest version, 2.2.1 with an odd and complicated e-mail that explained why it will not do the upgrade until it has thoroughly tested it. I have had WordPress on the yahoo server for almost one year and though several versions of WordPress … Read more

I began using WordPress as my blogging software in August of last year. I chose yahoo as my server, as I have a business account there. Yahoo offered ‘automatic upgrade’ as an option. At the time WordPress used version 2.0.2. There have been several upgrades offered since then by WordPress, the latest being 2.2.1. Yet … Read more

Alas! The demands of the tree farm where I am working this summer take up much time. My usual blog time is much decreased, at least for today. I work with summer employees called ‘interns.’ They mostly hail from high school and college. To a man they are a great bunch of guys. Their day … Read more