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Illegal immigration seems to have disappeared from the political radar. I assure you it is still out there. It does in fact occupy a comfortable place in Democrat Party strategy and is not going away. Like an infection it oozes into all sorts of bills and programs dear to the heart of every Democrat. The … Read more

Have you had enough about the Kennedys, or do you want more? I knew it! You want more! Disease is always more fun to read about than health, just as sinners are more fun to read about than saints. I have a great weakness for Ancient History. Of the 450 or so books I have … Read more

B. Hussein Obama is visiting Africa. He will do there what he does here, blather endlessly and say nothing of consequence. If he or someone among the troupe of sycophants who travel with him still has hope for the place, I would advise him to consider these words written four years ago. After decades of mismanagement … Read more

Here is a look at what we once were as a people. If it does not break your heart, you do not have a heart to break. How many men in our government are like those in that room? How many men in our government have read the Declaration? How many men in our government … Read more

I have no doubt at all that the first time the silk-suited barbarians who rule this nation and run the media had ever heard of a place called Honduras was a few days ago. Now they have suddenly morphed into experts in Honduran law, government and history. Having myself spent more time in Honduras than … Read more

As always when one writes about Islam, commentary is lively. Sometimes however mere pictures are sufficient to describe a thing. Islam in particular can be described in such a way. True, any Muslim seeing these will howl with rage and demand that somebody be beheaded. Recall a few years back when Muslims did this very … Read more