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I have not the slightest idea why Sarah Palin resigned. And outside of her immediate family, neither has anyone else. This has not stopped seemingly every pundit from giving an opinion about why she did so. But not a word from me. This is one of those “wait and see” moments. In the meantime I will … Read more

There is much hue and cry over the fact that ABC will now set up shop in the White House. I do not see a problem with this arrangement. It is just making formal something that has been obvious to those with eyes. Control of media is something all tyrants do. It is in their … Read more

Yesterday Rush compared Obama to Juan Perón. If he is right then the US is headed toward fascism, statism, coups and counter coups, and mass idiocy among the electorate. In any case the election of Obama takes away any right we Americans have to criticize other nations’ rulers. But we really lost that right with … Read more

The US Civil War did not settle the issue of whether  primary sovereignty lies in the national government or in the states. The Civil War settled the issue of whether our nation would remain half slave and half free. The outstanding issues of states’ rights, primary sovereignty, federalism, secession and nullification have yet to be … Read more

As I await Easter and regular posting, some thoughts pester me and beg to see the light. Just this once… I see where Robert Stacy McCain has been sufficiently roused to write a Philippic against the esteemed and soft-gutted eunuch James Wolcott, a castrato at Vanity Fair. I hope McCain lands a body blow, but he … Read more

Here is the History of Man in one picture. It is all there—the Fall, Redemption and Salvation. This week in class a student mentioned that her dad’s business was suffering—fewer orders, fewer customers and a much reduced capital flow. She said that her father even had some harsh words about Obama’s economic policies. I was … Read more

The loser returns to form. Actually he never left it. In a surprising rebuke to the warriors who fought for him through tough times, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Sunday sided with President-elect Barack Obama and scolded the Republican National Committee for fanning the Illinois corruption scandal… “You know, in all due respect to the … Read more

Thoughts bounce all over the place and cannot long settle themselves. So be it. Let us call such mental wanderings an after effect of illness, medicines, the superb spaghetti sauce I made over the weekend and a nice Zinfandel that made everything seem new and shiny. So… Palin gives a speech in Florida and 60,000 … Read more

The media and Democrats—pardon the redundancy—are all over the out-of-wedlock pregnancy of Sarah Palin’s daughter. Conservatives need not worry. Those who attack and smear Palin over this will not vote Republican anyway. We need not heed them as their opinion matters not at all. But then, we conservatives always need to remind ourselves that no opinion … Read more

It has been awhile since my last serving of ‘Short Takes.’ I write these when there is no time for long and erudite epistles on this or on that, or when there many doings in the world that simply beg for witty commentary. Today is like that. Besides, I have a mountain of student essays … Read more