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Oh How The Godless Babble So!

It always amuses when the Godless gibber about Christianity. They have no idea what they are talking about, though this ignorance does not at all stop them. They naturally consider themselves refined, well-spoken and urbane, but they are in fact little more than apes in trousers. The Carpenter warned the faithful about such men 2000 years ago.

Here is a fine example of the type. His name is Ed Schultz, and he is a media maven and Obama supporter—and pardon the redundancy. With earnest mien and furrowed brow he asks the question, “What would Jesus do about universal health care?” Of course—but of course—Schultz claims that Jesus would be all for it. Observe the fool in action, and try to stomach it for the full 9 minutes.

One could say a great deal about Schultz and his thoughts on Christianity, but such an undertaking would be pointless. Believers would laugh at him. Non-believers would agree with him. So excepting a few things, let us leave it at that for now.

Schultz says that Obama is a Christian. No Christian would ever say such a thing of the man, though the Obama supporters claim this about him all the time. One wonders why they are so intent on making folks believe Obama follows the God of Abraham and Isaac. One wonders why the Godless really must insist that their hero is God-fearing. They must think that Christians are as easily duped as they are about Obama. Sorry to all you Obama boys out there, but we believers long ago took the measure of your little tin god and found him wanting— Mene mene tekel upharsin and all that.

Like all well-schooled and well-fed propagandists, Schultz trots out a couple of poodles to make his case about Christ supporting Obama’s health care package. These poodles he calls Christian pastors, and I have no doubt that they are indeed called that. But being called that and actually being that are quite different things. I have said before that no one who supports Obama can make any logical claim to Christianity. We can safely state that Obama is the most anti-Christian man ever to sit in the White House. Whether Schultz understands this or not is entirely irrelevant.

Schultz is himself a dupe, though he does not comprehend that. He is in fact in the pay of Moloch, and does his bidding. Obama is likewise, though he is a bit farther up the scale of Moloch worship than any mere fool like Schultz. No, Obama is the Real Deal. His worship of Moloch extends to the sacrifice of children and creating a tremendous, ubiquitous and omnipresent State in place of the worship of Christ. His every speech, his every program, his every desire, is to increase the size of his Moloch State and decrease the influence of the followers of Christ.

Men like Obama and his boot-lick Schultz are of course damned unless they repent, though the further along a man is in his sins the less likely he is to repent—or to even recognize the need for it. And to state the obvious of the obvious, Obama is very far along in his sins. He is on his way to Hell, which would be a private matter between him and God, except that as president he can bring millions with him into the abyss.

Perhaps the entire nation. Perhaps the entire world.

Speaking Truth To Power

Think of Obama and Washington as Gog and Magog, and this regime makes perfect sense. It is from first to last—from its addiction to the slaughter of children in the womb to its coy insinuations of euthanasia in its “health” bill—entirely evil.

Obama himself cannot at all speak the truth—he takes after his father, the Lord of the Flies—but Sarah Palin is not so immorally tongue-tied. She calls the program in the White House as it actually is, far and beyond the media spin and hype.

Such a system is downright evil.

There it is then. Plain speaking from Sarah Palin. We will be hearing more of such from her.

How many are saying such things? How about all of those watery and weak-in-the-knee “conservatives” who despise Sarah Palin so much? Where do they stand on Obama and his wretched statism? Most of them are perfectly willing to work with the creature, to go on all fours and beg table scraps.

Only Sarah is out there. No one else can hold a candle to her. It is well and good that the media and the Obama regime hate her so. It shows fear. They are bold beyond belief when seeking out infants to slay or old folks to terminate. But they quake in their jackboots when Sarah Palin stands up to them.

In this they do no more than ape their master, who fears her as well.

Palin Health Care

Breaking Away

Several lifetimes ago I was a different man. Right after I was honorably discharged—yes, I fooled them all—from the Air Force I headed west to live with my service “buddies” in an urban commune in Oregon. That was around 1975. Two years later I looked like this.


As I said, I was a different man then.

At the commune we engaged in the usual things that men our age engaged in. We called it “sowing oats,” “partying” and other such things. Christians call such activities “occasions of sin.”

Gradually all of that became tiring. Always giving in to the demands of the flesh wears one out. A man either demands harder and harder activities or he quits them entirely. I quit them entirely.

No, that is a lie. I decided to quit them—which is not at all the same thing as actually doing so. Truth be told, they stayed with me like an abandoned and angry girlfriend. No matter my resolve to be a better man—which I realize now was not that strong—I kept falling again and again into the same old habits.

When I later read Augustine, what he wrote hit me like a brick in my hard head—and in my hard heart. He as well wanted to stop his old habits. So he went to God and asked for help. Augustine could not understand why God seemed not to answer him. He came to understand that he was not really asking for help. He was really saying to God, “Please make me chaste—but not yet.”


There was more. Even when I felt as if a new man was being born inside me, it simply could not arise when I spent time around my old “buddies.” They were a problem. They refused to see anything but the old corruption that was who I had always been to them. The temptations they presented always—always—dragged me back into the muck.

There was only one thing to do, and that was leave. Permanently. I had to run away to become clean and remain clean. A man cannot stay in a sewer and expect to smell good no matter how much soap he has on hand. And so I ran away. Unlike Lot’s wife, I never looked back.

It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

A few years ago I happened upon one of my old “buddies.” I had not seen him in over 20 years. He was very happy to see me. He looked old. He began to recall our times with those “buddies” when we had let the good times roll. I stopped him, and said, “Steve, I am a Christian now.” He did not skip a beat. He smiled widely with an toothy grin, and said, “I’m not!” He kept up the grin for some time, though I said nothing, just stared at him.

We talked for a bit, and I had the sensation that I was in the presence of a talking corpse.

I left him after a few minutes with the promise that I would give him a call. I lied.

It is common and all too easy to say, “A man cannot run away from his problems.” Not so. If those problems involve a person or a place he certainly can run away from them.

I have done it. More than once, actually.

Enemy Of God. Enemy Of Man.

This just in. The Democrat Party is

a criminal organization masquerading as a political party.

No! Why didn’t somebody tell me before?

Unless We The People choose the Oedipus route and then get on all fours to our betters, we must open our eyes and use them. When we do, we just might see through this dark glass. We just might see the Democrat Party as it is rather than what is hidden behind the dancing mists of Maya. Here is the Democrat Party as it was and as it is.

It is the party of slavery. We forget today—if we even knew at all—that the Civil War was not only between North and South but between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party’s support of slavery cost this nation 620,000 dead Americans—equivalent to 6,000,000 today. After its defeat the Democrat Party retained the basic rationale behind slavery and instituted all sorts of mechanisms to keep the black man in virtual chains. Segregation, the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow all sprang from the mind of the Democrat Party.

When the black man in the South began to show signs of liberating himself from Democrat Party control, another method was found to keep him down—the Great Society programs that ruined the black family and whose destruction continues to this day. The blacks of today are so beholden to the Democrat Party that they vote 90 percent for that party in national elections. They are in fact still in plantation bondage, and their Democrat Party masters in Washington are almost all white men.

The Democrat Party is the party of infanticide. Abortion on demand—abortion for any reason whatsoever up to and including the end of the 3rd trimester—is the official policy of the party. No Democrat can possibly achieve national office without supporting abortion. Since Roe more than 40,000,000 American children have been killed. Oddly, 14,000,000 of these have been black children. The blacks are so used to their chains of slavery that they care nothing if their white masters in Washington murder black children.

The Democrat Party is the party of sexual perversion. Wherever you find sodomites cavorting and engaging in anal sex in public, you will find Democrats. Whenever you find sodomites and lesbians going into public schools to teach our children the variety of techniques useful for the mastery of fisting and rimming, you will find Democrats. Imagine if they spent the same amount of time and resources teaching mathematics as they do teaching perversion.

The Democrat Party is the party of treason and an ally to tyrants. It brought us the defeat in Southeast Asia by its refusal to abide by our treaty with South Vietnam. The cost was millions of Asian dead. The Democrats resisted almost every initiative to defeat the USSR and supported anti-American movements around the world, especially in Latin America. The Democrats were rabid in their attempts to find defeat in Iraq. Powerful Democrats were engaged in slandering the US military and encouraging the arrest of Marines. Today we see it and its chief avatar Obama being generous to Chavez and the mullahs and the NorKos while exhibiting outright hostility to our allies, especially Israel.

The Democrat Party is the party of lawlessness. It is no secret that the most unruly and violent sections of our nation—Detroit, New Orleans and Chicago—have labored under party rule for generations. The Democrats have for so long supported the criminal over his victim that this has morphed into their natural response to crime. The Democrats look to the Constitution not as a guide but as a danger to their drive toward power. Obama himself rules around and behind the Constitution, appointing czars beholden only to him, seizing private enterprise, grabbing hold of banks and financial institutions, trying to grab absolute control of the health care system and working toward forcing the American economy through “cap and trade” to levels it had 40 years ago. Not one of these powers Obama has wielded can be found in the Constitution.

The Democrat Party is the party of national dissolution. It works to allow 20,000,000 illegals to magically become American citizens with prerogatives, rights and powers unavailable to the natural born. This will do to our Republic what the Goths did to Rome. Indeed, take one look at the places in our nation where illegals have become the majority and you will see the violence, poverty, trash and mass politics of those teeming Latin American capital cities. For all intents and purposes huge swaths of Los Angeles are nothing more than suburbs of Mexico City. Thanks to the Democrats who encourage illegal immigration, our shared American culture is being swept away in favor of the inferior political, economic and social culture of Guatemala City and Caracas.

The Democrat Party is the party of Christ hatred. God hates abortion and sodomy. The Democrats love them. God desires that His laws be taught throughout the public square. Democrats work feverishly to prevent this. In fact, woven through and through the fiber of the Democrats is hatred of Christian morals, charity and decency. If the Democrats came out tomorrow and publically embraced Satan himself, there would be no need at all for that party to alter in the slightest any element of its current policies.

One senses in the air the battle lines being drawn between two world views, the one supported by the Democrats and the other supported by their opposites—gun owners, Christians, conservatives, small government types, lovers of liberty and upholders of American values over foreign values. There can be no possibility of compromise, for the first world view cannot be victorious unless the second worldview is annihilated.

This of course and by necessity means war. Nether side will go down without a struggle—but one of them will go down. We may as well come out and admit it. What shape this war will take is as yet hidden.

Need I belabor the obvious and say that there will be blood?

Yet Another Imbecile Kennedy

The Kennedy family has infected the American body politic for three generations. By and large it is composed of adulterers, fornicators, drunks, liars, socialists, traitors, rapists, parasites, habitués of rehab centers and other assorted riff-raff. They have prospered in only two professions, bootlegging and politics, proving Balzac’s rule that “behind every great fortune lies a great crime.”

This nation would have been better off had the Kennedys never been born. Mary Joe Kopechne certainly would have been. The Kennedys are to a man an embarrassment, a scandal and an outrage. A decent people would have sent them all to the gibbet years ago. As it is an avenging fury has been occupied over the years in knocking them off one by one. Still so many to go, alas!

The latest piece of flotsam to parade the Kennedy imbecility in public is Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. She most recently demonstrated her knowledge and wisdom by writing this piece of trash. Here is a catchy line:

Why Barack Obama represents American Catholics better than the pope does.

One hardly knows where to begin to deconstruct such a tissue of illogic and stupidity.

Like all Kennedys, Townsend claims to be Catholic. Like all Kennedys, the Catholicism is just for pretense. Townsend neither practices it nor believes in it nor uses it to guide her life. Her Catholicism is a sham, nothing more than a dog and pony show to garner Catholic votes. She shares this use of Catholicism with John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi and Mario Cuomo. None of these believes what the Church teaches and has taught for 2000 years.

Catholicism is not Protestantism. There is only one Catholic Church. One either takes it all or refuses it all. Nothing else is allowed. Jesus Himself made this so. One cannot be a Catholic and be in favor of abortion, for example. If one claims to be a “Catholic for choice” one is either ignorant or a liar.

The Church cannot change its Dogma concerning Faith or Morals. It does not have the power to do so even if it wanted to. “Catholics” who yammer about contraception and sodomy and divorce and abortion and female priests are demanding things that can never be given. These complainers have really left the church though they pretend they are still in it.

Townsend is the same. There is nothing Catholic about her. She is a liberal, like all of her clan. Like all Kennedys she wants more and more government and less and less of true Catholic practice. Most of Catholic teaching offends her, as it offends all liberals. But Townsend, like all traitors—and her family has produced many of these—works to subvert the institution from within while pretending to be a member herself.

Her last sentences show how much she loves the Catholic Church.

The pope has a lot to learn about Catholic politics in America. Barack Obama can teach him.

Townsend will one day see the face of Christ. I would like to see her make such statements then. I imagine the conversation will be brief.

Update: Here is the head of the clan, old Ted himself. His body shows what decades of concupiscence, gluttony, drunkenness, debauchery and a grotesque life can do.


Have another milkshake, Ted.

He is not long for this world, truth be told. Perhaps Mary Joe will greet him a moment after his death.

Update: Here is a calmer appraisal of the Kennedy essay.

The God Of The Koran


For The Bible Tells Me So

Well I’ll be damned! No…let me take that back. But I must say that, until I saw this preview, I had no idea that Christians were the equal of Klansmen, Nazis and crude rabble rousing haters. I know better now.

So I guess that an appreciation and acceptance of homosexuality is really and truly the Christian thing to do. After all, look at all those “holy” men and tolerant sorts in the video who say so. And look at all those awards from all the right people.

But then, that old rabble rousing hater and proto-Nazi Paul had—how does one say it?—a rather different view of the matter.

Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.—1 Corinthians 6:9-10

So there you have it. Either Paul and his Master are liars or they are not. If they are, then do not follow them or that hatre-filled intolerant religion they founded. Really, there is no way around this. What the Bible says about homosexuality is perfectly and absolutely clear. To summarize: Practitioners of homosexuality cannot get into Heaven. They will therefore go to Hell.

You may as your heart desires scream, jump up and down, throw insults, make threats, wail and gnash your teeth—and all of that would amount to exactly nothing for it changes exactly nothing. The original difficulty remains.

So the homosexual has several choices:

1) He can continue in his practice of homosexuality and pretend all is well. This is difficult even for short periods to accomplish. Natural Law is a rather demanding thing, and that odd feeling in the mind and heart when you engage in sin cannot easily be made still without great and continuous effort.

2) He can claim that the Bible really does not say what it says. This is the direction taken by those who made that video. Naturally, it has many followers. The reason is easy to find. Men take solace in the Word of God. But there is that unreasonable focus on sin that keeps popping up. What to do? Why, simply pretend that those ancients who wrote the Bible really could not possibly understand our modern condition. Thus, much of Scripture is outdated. It should be allowed to morph and change with the times.

You will by now have noticed that much of the rattle and hum about homosexuality in our degraded culture is the attempt to “normalize” homosexuality, especially the practice of sodomy. The world system of politics and entertainment and media portray the homosexual as needing special protection from the hatred of Christians and their old fashioned God. It has gone all out to place in the minds of ordinary folks that homosexuals are “just like you and me.” Here is how they are portrayed by the US government’s Center for Disease Control.


All happy and smiling and normal. Why, they have even received a new Orwellian term just for them. No longer called homosexuals, sodomites are now called MSM, “men who have sex with men.”

The term men who have sex with men (MSM) refers to all men who have sex with other men, regardless of how they identify themselves (gay, bisexual, or heterosexual).

Only in government would one find the news that MSM can include heterosexuals as well. Gosh, we must all be homosexual therefore. I never knew that!

Ah, but there is that pesky Natural Law thing again. One would think that if male homosexuals were really and truly “just like you and me,” then their lives would be in all circumstances “just like yours and mine.” Alas, such is not the case. For we see that they live lives shorter by 20 years than male heterosexuals. And that is just one thing about their wildly abridged lives that makes one think that such an existence is not the sort lived out by most men. Indeed, one cannot read about the behavior of homosexuals without the word “depravity” knocking you on the head.

Another unpleasant piece of Scripture keeps intruding.

The wages of sin is death.

There then is the reason why male homosexuals live such abbreviated, frantic lives—and lesbians are not much better off. They are literally in a dance with death.

We may call such a dance part of the Culture of Death that has overtaken our nation. Our lovely government is a card carrying member of this death spiral. It murders children in their mothers’ wombs, subsidizes the practice and acceptance of sodomy and allows any survivors the choice of “assisted suicide.” If this government is not a sworn enemy of God then there is no God and we need not be concerned.

The truth of the matter is that death is encouraged all around. It is as if demons have seized control of the nation. But that cannot be true, can it? The belief in demons is as outmoded and as useless as the belief that homosexuality is a sin, isn’t it?

No. For the Bible tells me so.

God In Man

I wonder about this thing called man. Flesh he is, but he is not only flesh. He is mind and spirit as well. He is in fact like God, a trinity. That was the plan from the beginning. Man was created imago dei, “in the image of God.”

The world sees man as nothing but flesh. Man is an animal and subject to an animal’s brute cravings. He is in no way to be subject to any law that restricts his animal passions. That would be “unnatural.” When the flesh calls the man must obey. It is the “natural” thing to do. It matters not at all what form that call of the flesh might entail—adultery, sodomy, pornography, drugs, gluttony, fornication, pedophilia—a man true to his nature will follow it when it beckons him.

The world rewards such men who indulge their flesh as they will. Clinton practices adultery, and it makes him president. Barney Frank indulges in sodomy and pedophilia, and it places him in power over us. Hugh Hefner amasses great wealth, and the world seeks out his views. Entertainers snort mountains of white powder, and the world applauds their art and talents.

The God of Abraham and of Isaac knows what awaits a man who gives in to the flesh. It is Death itself. God would have a man rule over his flesh rather than have flesh rule over the man. For the flesh is a fearful master and a man enslaved to it becomes a literal monster. Is this a human being made in the image of God?


We can wonder what happened to a man who did this to himself. It seems like some insensate desire to wipe out all traces of God, as if the man were embarrassed by Him. I would not at all be surprised if the man above one day went about on all fours.

Governments see men in just this way, as nothing but chunks of flesh. They can be fed and housed and entertained, and thus made quiet and content. If a man becomes an annoyance he can be slain, either in his mother’s womb or at the end of his life. To the State, a man, being only flesh, is doomed to die anyway. What then does it matter what happens to him on this earth? After all it is the State that lives forever. All men must be made to acknowledge this fact.

God sees the matter differently. To Him it is the State that is doomed to die. What is history anyway than God’s plan for man carried out throughout time and space, and all around lie the detritus of hundreds of nations fallen down and vanished for all time? It is man who lives forever, and so his fate on earth and after has Eternal significance.

The State sees men as cattle. God sees men as having part of Himself in them. This is why we see every day the State and God opposed to each other. They are indeed enemies. The State tries to eliminate all evidence of its Rival. The State becomes in reality just as that man in the picture—ugly, deformed, perverted and twisted.

If the State had its way all men would become like this.


This then is the craving of the world, to place man on a level with animals so that he will sooner or later for all intents and purposes exist on all fours, his eyes always looking toward the earth. He can be better controlled that way than if he stood upright like Christ, his eyes always looking toward the Heavens.

Let No Man Flee To Basra

Long ago I read a story of a man who owned vast lands. He had many workers who labored upon them. One day he sent his best worker, his overseer in fact, to the nearest town to get some supplies. As this town was some distance away, the man did not expect his overseer back until the next day. 

The overseer left early in the morning. The land owner was surprised to see him back that evening. The overseer was in a state of great emotion and anxiety, and was in fact trembling. The landowner was not pleased to see his overseer back so soon, and empty handed at that. He gruffly asked him what had happened. 

“Master,” he said, “forgive me! While I was in town at the market I saw Death! He looked me right in the eyes!” 

Now the master knew how superstitious were his workers. They believed that if a man saw Death, that the man would die that very day. The landowner himself had no patience for such things, as he was a sophisticated man of affairs. His mind went toward profit and loss and not toward visions of Death stalking men in market places. But he also knew that such tales about Death were woven into the very fabric of the culture in which he lived. As much as he disliked such beliefs, he had to go along with them for the sake of his workers. 

His overseer continued. “Oh master! I beg you to let me flee to Basra! Death will not find me there!” The landowner knew Basra was a long day’s ride away, in the opposite direction from the town where he had sent his overseer. The landowner pleaded with his overseer to ignore the vision of Death. After all, the master needed his overseer, as his vast lands needed constant supervision and care. But the overseer was too frightened to listen, and begged to be allowed to flee to Basra. Finally the landowner gave in and allowed his overseer to leave. The man immediately gathered his things and rode away. 

The landowner took some time that evening and pondered all that had happened. As he did, he became more and more angry—not at his overseer but at Death. The nerve Death had to frighten his overseer! Why, the overseer was still young—in his prime, in fact. Why should Death claim him? It was not his time to die. Clearly then, Death had made a mistake. The land owner resolved to do something about this. He would going into town the next day and confront Death himself and clear up the confusion about the overseer. 

And so he did. While wandering about the market the landowner saw Death. He appeared to be shopping and inspecting some of the merchandise there. The landowner was not at all afraid, and walked up to Death. Death saw him coming, and looked quite surprised. Death asked him, “What are you here for? Our appointment is not for many years yet.” The man replied, “I know that. I am not here for me but for my worker. He told me that he saw you yesterday and that you frightened him so much that he had to leave my lands and flee to Basra.” 

Death raised his eyebrows a little, but said nothing. The man went on. “Surely then there is some mistake. My worker was young and healthy. It could not have been his time to die.” 

Death answered. “I was as surprised to meet your worker here yesterday as he was surprised to meet me. You see, I have an appointment with him tomorrow—in Basra.” 

The ancients believed that the life of a man was as a thread woven by the gods. The thread was of a certain length that defined the number of years a man had. No man could add to it, but sometimes a man could bargain his way for a longer life. Some men were given a choice on what sort of thread his life would take. Achilles was one such man. When offered a long and happy life lived in obscurity, or a short life lived heroically and with glory remembered through the ages, he chose glory. Later in Hades he regretted his decision—as if such a change of heart mattered then. 

Stonewall Jackson was asked how he could be so brave in the face of Union fire. He was known as the finest cavalry commander of his day, and he would often charge into a storm of bullets and win the battle. Stonewall answered, “The Good Lord knows exactly how long I am to live. Until that day I am invincible.” And so he was—until Chancellorsville. 

Like the gods of old, sometimes a man might strike a bargain with the one true God and so add years to his life. 

In those days Hezekiah was sick and near death. And Isaiah the prophet, the son of Amoz, went to him and said to him, “Thus says the Lord: ‘Set your house in order, for you shall die, and not live.’”
Then he turned his face toward the wall, and prayed to the Lord, saying, “Remember now, O Lord, I pray, how I have walked before You in truth and with a loyal heart, and have done what was good in Your sight.” And Hezekiah wept bitterly.
And it happened, before Isaiah had gone out into the middle court, that the word of the Lord came to him, saying, “Return and tell Hezekiah the leader of My people, ‘Thus says the Lord, the God of David your father: “I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; surely I will heal you. On the third day you shall go up to the house of the Lord. And I will add to your days fifteen years.—2 Kings 20 

Not a bad deal I think. But we should not count on such successful bargaining while we lay upon our death beds. 

Very few men know the time of their departure for Eternity. Sometimes Fate pulls a cruel joke

A woman who dodged death when she and her husband narrowly missed Air France Flight 447 before it plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 228 aboard, was killed in a car accident just over a week later.  

Imagine the great joy when that woman and her family learned that she had missed the flight that had plunged into the sea and killed all aboard. Imagine again the abyss of sorrow when she died a week later anyway. Death was not to be disappointed. The women had lucked out—or so the world thought—but then she headed right for Basra. 

Death also played this game with Malcolm Muggeridge, but lost. In the 1950s he was working in Africa. He was scheduled to board a plane to take him home, but missed his flight. Another man who had been waiting for an empty seat jumped at the chance, and got on the flight. It did not go very far. After takeoff it crashed into the jungle and all lives were lost. Decades later Muggeridge become a militant convert to Catholic Christianity. Perhaps God Himself had tricked Death, seeing  in His child Muggeridge a future apostle of the Faith. We naturally cannot know. 

But there is much we cannot know about our end. It might come as a thief in the night, not even allowing us the false hope of refuge in Basra. 

The ground of a certain rich man brought forth abundantly. He reasoned within himself, saying, ‘What will I do, because I don’t have room to store my crops?’ He said, ‘This is what I will do. I will pull down my barns, and build bigger ones, and there I will store all my grain and my goods. I will tell my soul, “Soul, you have many goods laid up for many years. Take your ease, eat, drink, be merry.” ‘ “But God said to him, ‘You foolish one, tonight your soul is required of you.—Luke 12:16-20 

To man it is not given to know when Death will come with boney fingers outstretched, beckoning him into that place from where none return. It is best therefore that a man sows well on earth, so that he might reap well in Eternity. 

Waste no time thinking of a desperate flight to Basra. Get your life in order in the here, in the now.

A World Turned Upside Down

Any man, no matter his politics or religion, can recognize that we are a different nation today than we were 50 years ago. Take a look at our cultural artifacts from those long ago days and compare them to those of today. One is either shocked to admit how we were or shocked to admit how we are. Some of the changes are trivial. Some are not.

In the moral realm we see that 50 years ago there were subjects one did not discuss among decent society. They were considered so base that no rational man would engage in them, and men who did were viewed as degenerate souls in need of redemption or incarceration. Now such things are paraded around like badges of honor. Men who practice such things are held in esteem by the avatars of culture and politics. Vast sums of tax monies have gone into creating special sanctuaries for these men so that they may indulge in their habits with no fear of retribution and they may with confidence recruit others into their practices.

A man living today with his moral sense firmly attuned to that of America 50 years ago will naturally ask what has happened. Why what was seen then as evil now seen today as good? Why has the America of the past seen now as an empire of repression, scarcely concealed hatreds and myriad phobias? To such a man the world must seem turned upside down. He does not recognize what he sees in the streets, in the classrooms, in the world of entertainment.

Of course, there are many who see the changes in our land as simple progress, as moving from the dark into the light. These folks view themselves as truly modern, as truly free, as truly uninhibited. They look upon their fellow citizens who possess those ancient moral views as dangerous Neanderthals and hate-filled bigots. They find it necessary to enlist the entire apparatus of the State to stop those extremists from injecting their hatreds back into the nation.

So why the moral inversion from 50 years ago? Why has black become white? Or as others would have it, white has become black? Here are some clues from The Deceiver: Our Daily Struggle with Satan. The author as well has noticed the changing moral climate. He is not pleased.

It is a terrible sign of corruption, because it means that our generation is no longer ashamed of evil, but flaunts and exalts it. Now it has reached the final stage of depravation, when sin comes out of the darkness of shame in which the light was confining it, to exhibit to the world its arrogant and wicked face. Today evil openly challenges God, almost to the point of provoking His justice.

When humanity touches those abysses of iniquity, it will mean that the end times have arrived, in which will be revealed ”the man of sin” and “the son of perdition”, as Saint Paul called the antichrist.

Think what you will of the author’s conclusions. But no one can deny that what was once considered evil, now in these times is acted out in public without shame, in a flaunting arrogance that admits to no limits whatsoever. Visit any “Gay Pride” parade and you will see exactly that. Witness the power of the State as it arrogantly forces all parts of the nation to admit into their lands abortion mills wherein children are ground to paste. Notice as well that all subjects of this State are coerced into paying for this privilege, their own thoughts on the subject being of no account whatsoever. Truly this is a regime that boldly parades its power before God and man, fearing no possible retribution at all.

I once heard a story about an older Baptist pastor who had attended a conference in—of all places—San Francisco. As part of the package deal the pastor had received from the hotel he stayed at was a carriage tour of the city. After taking the tour, someone asked him, “Pastor, what do you think of San Francisco?” He replied with no hesitation, “If God does not destroy this city, then He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.”

As Jefferson said about another evil, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.”

We had best get our lives and our moral houses in order—just in case. At any rate, this is a good idea no matter the times in which we live.

Update: New Wineskins has his own conclusions. Things do indeed seem to be arriving toward something. Some of us will be joyful on that day. Some of us won’t.

Update: Naturally these new times in which we live demands a new god. A god who will straddle the world like a colossus. A god who is not restrained by the bigotry and phobias of our past. A god who will be worshipped even before the old God has died.

Our times have cried out for just such a being, and he has finally come unto to us. He is the messiah of this present darkness.