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What does a male do if he is a professional sodomite for a homosexual lobby group who has made a name for himself by calling the Knights of Columbus a “discredited army of oppression,” slandering the pope as “a discredited leader” and “morally reprehensible” for not supporting condoms in Africa, and claiming that the refusal … Read more

Who has not seen old film clips of Hitler and said to himself, “If only somebody had killed him then. There would have been no Holocaust or World War II. Too bad!” And the logic is perfect. Had Hitler been slain, say, in 1933, we would have been spared the bloodiest century in the bloody … Read more

A few days ago a mass murderer was himself murdered. His name was George Tiller. Oddly enough, he was gunned down in a church. He had with his own hands ripped 60,000 children from their mothers’ wombs. His dreadful career is now over. Naturally those who support abortion are up in arms, calling the killing of … Read more

Recently I was listening to a radio show on Catholic Answers. A self-styled feminist-type called in to complain about the Catholic Church’s ‘oppression of women.’ Her arguments were standard liberal boilerplate: the Church’s stand on abortion ‘oppresses women’; the Church’s stand on an all-male priesthood ‘oppresses women’; the Church’s stand on divorce ‘oppresses women’; the … Read more

From The Deceiver: Our Daily Struggle With Satan. We wonder what is the deep root of the acceptance of evil by many Christians of our time. At times they seem like an army retreating in disorder, having fallen prey to discouragement and becoming tacitly resigned to defeat. Evil seems to triumph and sing of victory. … Read more

I had an unpleasant experience a few days ago. I ran into an acquaintance, a woman I had known casually over the years. She was always charming, well educated, possessed a fine sense of humor and called herself a Christian. I did not doubt her—I had no reason to doubt her. We were talking about … Read more

I have been teaching for 17 years, and yet always I forget how much there is to do before students and teachers scatter thither and yon for summer. Now begins the final week of school. A short summary of things yet undone: grades, graduation, 8th grade activities, parent conferences, yearbook signing, book collection, supply lists, … Read more

By now all sentient beings know that today is Obama’s commencement address at Notre Dame and his acceptance of an honorary doctorate of law. If you need to be brought up to date about this outrage and why it is occurring at Notre Dame you might read this. As is usual for things involving Obama … Read more

This just in. Obama is not the Antichrist. Not that I had my hopes up or anything. The ultra-conservative clergy gathered in the weekend huddle on Biblical prophecy warn that the Antichrist soon will show himself. They cannot yet say who he is. But they are willing to declare who he is not…Some people say … Read more

For some odd reason I was wondering who might be the absolute filthiest man alive. A man so degenerate, so debased, that in his instincts and habits he would shame the crudest and most feral beast that walks upon all fours. A man whose very presence would pollute and degrade all within his reach. A … Read more