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I am spending two weeks in Portland with my brother and his family. They are about the finest people on the planet. They live and thrive here, but after just a few days I miss my revolvers. It is probably a good thing I left them at home. Really, it is hardly possible to imagine … Read more

While wandering around Amazon—the website, not the jungle—looking for a book about the Amazon—the jungle, not the website—I came across a book I might buy. It looks entertaining. Alas, its author, David Grann, is a bit of a fool. He has become infected with the environmental claptrap that has surrounded the jungle and that has … Read more

I turned 56 a few days ago. It was time for a tune-up, so I headed to the doctor. All was normal, even my cholesterol which was embarrassingly, crazily, insanely high 6 months ago. The good doctor wanted to put me on medication then, but I pleaded with him to allow me time to lower … Read more

Some books I am perusing. I wonder what is on my mind these days? I spent the entire Clinton regime out and about in the wilds of South America. Perhaps another such escape during the Obama regime is called for. Obama cannot annoy me if I am lost somewhere in the Amazon. He cannot tax me either.

I have a message for all you tough guys out there—and I count myself as one of you, even if I am a bit long in the tooth, having turned 56 three days ago. Whatever it is you do that makes you a tough guy, you will become humble when you read this. This is … Read more

I am often asked if I took a firearm while spending all that time in the wilds of Central and South America. The answer is no—except for one time. The reason why is that the paperwork necessary for getting a gun from the US into Latin America is horrendous, and I would have had to … Read more

Mayan ruins of Yaxhá, Guatemala, 2004    Mayan temple at Tikal, Guatemala, 2004    Ruins of last Inca redoubt, Villcabamba, Peru, 1997   Mayan ruins at Copán, Honduras, 1987   Overlooking Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru, 1987    Kuelap, Chachapoyan ruins, Peru, 1998   Choquequirao, Inca ruins, Peru, 2003   Nakum, Mayan ruins, Guatemala, … Read more

Antigua, Guatemala, 1984   Quechualla, Peru, 2003    Cachora, Peru, 2003   Chachapoyas, Peru, 1987   Comayagüela, Honduras, 1983    La Esperanca, Honduras, 2004   Flores, Guatemala, 2007   Gracias, Honduras, 2004   Gualaco, Honduras, 2004   Humahuaca, Argentina, 2003   Iruya, Argentina, 2003   Levanto, Peru, 2004   Ocalli, Peru, 2003   Palmar Norte, … Read more

Thinking about leaving home this summer and heading out far and away from the US? Indeed, what better way to avoid Obama than to head for foreign hills. True, Obama will still be squatting in Washington upon your return—barring Divine intervention—but any respite from that pagan narcissist would be refreshing and welcome. I spent the … Read more

Twice in my life I left home for one year and lived in tents and hammocks while walking the jungles and mountains of those lands south of the Rio Grande. Those years were the formative times of my life. I was one sort of man before them. I was one sort of man after them. … Read more