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Disturbing in so many ways. NEBRASKA MAN STOLE PAINTING TO PAY FOR ABORTION It was a painting of the Virgin Mary. The man stole it from a cathedral. The girl was 14. The man was 39. She was pregnant because he had repeatedly raped her. Anything left out save for murder? Oh…it would have been murder … Read more

Last night on some odd whim I loaded up the DVD player with The Exorcism of Emily Rose. It was fine viewing for a Sunday, the Sabbath, a day to be spent away from the usual demands of the world and one where thoughts are to tend toward Eternity. It was a good and scary … Read more

This guy has way too much time on his hands. Or perhaps he is simply an idiot. Or perhaps he is perverted beyond our common understanding of the term. A Dutch biologist has extensively studied the reproductive techniques of deep-ocean squid. “Extensively?” The article goes into steamy detail about exactly how squids are made. You … Read more

I thought I had seen it all—or enough of ‘it all’ to sit back, gape and laugh at the antics of this absurdity called man. I will skip my biography of traveling thither and yon and just say that I have ‘been there, done that’ and had paid the bills for doing so. This morning … Read more

Jorge Luis Borges (1899 – 1986) was an Argentine writer, essayist and master of the short story. He also was a creator of nightmare worlds. His words play with ‘irreality,’ and Borges’ view of time was to see it as a mere construct, a temporary and malleable thing—like clay. His universes combined the real and … Read more

Like a woman history beguiles and teases. She delights in surprising us with little oddities that cross space and time. One studies her and either laughs or cries. Laughing is better. There was a woman who began her life among the lowest classes. Even as a rather young girl she performed on stage as an … Read more

Two weeks ago some of my stuff went nuts. The Jeep complained every time I put it into 5th gear. The audio system in the Jeep would not run an ACC. My computer would not recognize my fancy video card. The CD player in my home hi-end audio system worked only intermittently. It seemed as … Read more

The other day as I was on the expressway I put the new Jeep into 5th gear. Immediately there was a loud grinding and a bump—I thought I had struck something—and from that moment on going into 5th has brought on that noise. I took my beloved to the dealer. He drove it, and gave … Read more

Teaching and writing go well together. Working on a tree farm and writing do not. I have been less than enthusiastic of late concerning putting cyber pen to cyber paper. No real explanation why. The only variable that I can find is the summer job. Anyway, while trying to work myself into a froth of … Read more

Old Tom Jefferson knows something that we don’t. His memorial in Washington DC is sinking. Jefferson Memorial’s Signs of Sinking Raise Fresh Alarms Slowly, almost imperceptibly, parts of the complex seem to be sinking into the mud. In Roman days such things were called omens. Rome employed professional ‘augurs’ who could read them. Her history … Read more