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Several lifetimes ago I was a different man. Right after I was honorably discharged—yes, I fooled them all—from the Air Force I headed west to live with my service “buddies” in an urban commune in Oregon. That was around 1975. Two years later I looked like this. As I said, I was a different man … Read more

Work demands that I be busy, busy and busy. There is little time to put cyber pen to cyber paper. I hope to have time to do just that in one or two days. In the meantime, is the Obama regime coming apart, or is it just me? Better for it to collapse under its … Read more

I have been teaching for 17 years, and yet always I forget how much there is to do before students and teachers scatter thither and yon for summer. Now begins the final week of school. A short summary of things yet undone: grades, graduation, 8th grade activities, parent conferences, yearbook signing, book collection, supply lists, … Read more

I am working on a comments policy. Such a thing has become necessary, alas. It is not just the vulgarity and hatred that I see, but the over-the-top and crazed slander of me and regular commentators here. It all comes from the left, naturally. Debate is healthy. Crazed venom spewing is not. It ends here … Read more

Demands of work and taxes are taking their toll. And as this is Holy Week, my mind and thoughts stray from the current woes of the world to the unimaginable joys of Eternity. I am, in a word, exhausted. Time for a break, well deserved or not. I will return after Easter, after He is … Read more

For a third time the esteemed Mr. James Wolcott is upset with me. Over at the soft core porn site called Vanity Fair he called me a “drama queen.” I have been called all sorts of things in my 55 years on this earth, but never that. Usually those of Mr. Wolcott’s persuasion stick to … Read more

I am heartily angry with myself. I accidentally deleted the last 25 comments and responses posted as of 4:30 AM February 5, 2009. Alas, there is nothing to do about this other than to be more careful in the future. I would ask all those who submitted comments to resubmit them. I will republish them … Read more

Commenter Sue wrote words which go directly to the heart of the reason I write. She deserves the very best response I can give. She admonishes me to use my words “wisely, kindly, and compassionately.” She is absolutely right on this. I do my best, and my obvious failures are a source of grief to me. … Read more

My mother had a difficult life. She liked to say that she had made many ‘bad decisions.’ Yes she had. I came into this world as a result of one of them—I am not complaining, just giving information. If you really want to know, I am glad she made that decision though it cost her … Read more

I seem to have attracted the attention of a horde of Obama zombies. The catalyst was a comment from Vanity Fair writer James Wolcott. I had never heard of him, but it is clear that he really, really does not like me. And neither do the folks who read him, wandered here and deposited their … Read more