Scipio is a private enterprise founded by and paid for entirely by Scipio. I have strong opinions that I fully and freely express here—and I must add that strong opinions are the only type worth having. Who wants to read milquetoast and watery screeds? If you have no strong opinions then you have yet to live. If you have strong opinions but are afraid to express them, you might as well not have them. If a man owns a lamp he does not place it under his bed.

All readers who wish to leave comments are welcome to do so. I review them and post those that follow simple rules and standards, all of which can be found in books on etiquette. They are:

No profanity. No slander. No vulgarity. Period.

Disagreement is welcome—but be prepared for a lively response from other commentors. Reasoned debate is welcome. Logic is welcome. History is welcome. Theology is welcome. Humor is welcome. Righteous anger is welcome.

And criticism is welcome. I use it to become a better writer and thinker. You do me a great service if you critique my thoughts and writing. I am reasonably human and cannot always see the holes in my logic, but you can.

As long as the three rules are held, all comments will be published. Do not forget that there is never an excuse for rudeness. I am too old to read insults directed my way and allow them to be published. If that is your style of ‘debate’ then you do not need to spend time here. If all you wish to do is slander, by all means do so, but at your own blog.

And remember the common rules of American English as laid out in standard books of Grammar and Spelling.

I accept no advertisements and am beholden to none except the Son of Man. To Him I must answer one day for everything I have done in my life—including every word I write here.

On that day there will be surprises. I hope that I like some of them.