The delicacy of the British press to avoid profiling anyone is getting weird. Recall those two guys who were tossed off that flight from Malaga because the other passengers thought them the perfect terror suspects? Of course you do. Well, here is how the Daily Mail described the incident. Two Asian students have revealed their … Read more

I am not asking that question. I could not care less why somebody or some group or some nation hates the United States of America. As far as I am concerned that is their problem, not a problem for America. And certainly not a problem for me. This idea that America must do a bunch of … Read more

Here is a revealing little map. It shows the Islamic states near Israel. Most are Arab. One is Perisan, the rest a smattering of Jew-haters. It does not show all the Islamic states. Algeria, Indonesia—the largest Moslem state—are left out. But no matter, the point is easily made. One of these states celebrates freedom, the … Read more

Tony Bennett is cool. The essence of cool, in fact. Sinatra might have been cooler but old Frank is as dead as another Kerry presidential run. It is Tony who rules, dude. Tony has spoken out. He has seen the landscape of American culture and does not like it much. Legendary singer Tony Bennett has slammed his … Read more

Forget the Colombian drug lords. Forget the Russian mafia. Forget the Crips and the Bloods. Forget Salvatrucha. Forget al-Qaeda and the Hezbos. There’s a new gang in town. Compared to these entirely ruthless fellows, those guys above are weaklings and pacifists. This new terror group has hundreds of thousands of members bent on robbery and killing. … Read more

Many hands have wrung over the 30-day war between the state of Israel and the terror group that humbly calls itself ‘The Army of God.’ A consensus has emerged that goes something like this: Hezbollah has become the most ferocious Arab army on the planet. It performed superbly against the Israelis and may have actually … Read more

You are asking yourselves, “Who was Joe Rosenthal?” But you know him from his work. He captured the finest war photo ever taken. Rosenthal was an unassuming man. He had what is lacking in war photographers and journalists today, integrity. His photo captured the essence of an America at war. “What I see behind the photo … Read more

For the rest of today I will be cleaning out some WordPress files I do not want, and loading some I simply must have. Thus, my site will look awfully different every few minutes as I do this. Enrollment begins tomorrow—parents and students and so on—and I had better get this maintenance done today. (Update: … Read more

Is Iraq being convulsed by a civil war? There is disagreement. I have no view one way or another. Calling such internecine violence—aided and abetted by foreigners—by this name or that name changes nothing. The violence there is horrific and so far no end is in sight. I was reminded of such things while reading … Read more

Ralph Peters is always a good read, both his books and his editorials. His latest essay for The New York Post is full of wry commentary and bits of wisdom about the Middle East. Some examples: On the culture there: In the Middle East, only the Israelis have intellectual and moral integrity. Arabs and Persians … Read more